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Mommy Fails – October 2018

“Never bring a blanket that has sentimental value with you to the pediatrician—you will forget it and have to go right back.” —Stephanie, Watauga “My youngest son asked for a magician’s costume to ...
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A Day in the Life of Jana Pool

Jana Pool is a clinical research associate in the pharmaceutical industry. She and her husband, Chase, a videographer, live in Lantana with their son, Maddox. The family will be celebrating Maddox’...
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A Day in the Life of Julia Wang

Julia Wang is the founder of Jamma Jango, a kid-friendly cartoon and foreign language education program. She lives with her husband, also a business owner, in Southlake with their two daughters, Ro...
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A Day in the Life of Leigh Danley

Leigh Danley is a veteran of the nonprofit world, currently serving on the Board of Directors for The Partnership for Community Partners of Dallas, CASA Children’s Council and Friends of Fair Park....

How to Host a Baby-Themed Swap Party

It’s no joke that babies are expensive (to the tune of $9,000–$15,000 or higher per year, according to a USDA report). Don’t spend thousands of dollars on stuff babies outgrow in a matter of weeks—...