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Special Needs

Teaching Financial Independence

Paying bills, budgeting, making investments— they’re real-world skills that are essential to being a financially healthy adult. But many kids grow into adults without a clue about any of it, and ma...
Things to Do

Accesible Accommodations

Big news for travel junkies: Airbnb just acquired Accomable, an online listing service with hundreds of accessible properties in more than 60 countries, including a few in Texas. As part of the dea...
Life Goes On

When the Calls Stop

Lately, and around the holidays especially, our family has felt isolated and alone. As a family living with disabilities, we are already part of a segregated group, yet as Nick’s health continues t...
Health and Wellness

The Anxiety Link

Next to the fridge in Hilda Ruiz’s kitchen, a calendar reminds her 12-year-old-son Daniel of upcoming appointments—swimming lessons for him and his two siblings, twice-a-week therapist visits, a de...
Real Moms

A Day in the Life of Heidi Angel

A former teacher and current attorney, Heidi Angel and her husband, Rich, have been married for 17 years, and they have two daughters, Natalie, 7, and Emily, 5. Emily has Down syndrome and attends ...
Real Moms

The Best Defense

Looking to learn something new? Empowering as they are practical, self-defense classes help women learn to protect themselves and others while getting a great workout and releasing stress to boot. ...
Real Moms

Mommy Matchmakers

Somewhere around middle school, making new friends evolved from an effortless affair to a complicated enterprise. Fast forward several years and add grown-up responsibilities, a busy family and a f...