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Why Everyone Should Have a Valentine’s Day Tree

would you consider adding this to your holiday decor?

Yep, it’s a thing. Valentine’s trees are the new sensation for the day that’s all about chocolate and love.

So what does a Valentine’s tree entail, exactly? Simply put, Valentine’s trees are re-vamped Christmas trees. (Easy, right?) At least, that’s how most Valentine’s trees got started. People who were weren’t ready for the holidays to be over, or too busy to take the tree down (no judgment), decided to leave the festive firs up and redecorate them for the next holiday. And now others have seriously jumped on the bandwagon.

So why should you?

First: Everyone loves decorations and lights. We all instantly rejoice inside when we see lights go up in December. We also feel a little heartbreak when we see them taken down after the start of the new year. In the time after the ball drops, there’s always that little part of us that says, “Let’s keep the lights up a week longer.” Everything instantly looks so dark when the lights are gone, even though before Christmastime, that darkness seemed perfectly normal. So we say, keep the lights up! Let the festiveness continue; redecorate your tree!

Second: When you see the way others have decorated their tree, how can you resist? These are just a few examples, but we could browse the Internet for days and just ogle the beautiful trees adorned with X’s, O’s, red and pink hearts, even light-up teddy bears.

So if you’re going to have a Valentine’s tree, we suggest going all out. Deck your tree (your current one, or this bubblegum pink one, insert heart eyes emoji) with roses, bows, hearts, lights, all things Cupid! Because honestly, this holiday strikes us as a solid “Go big, or go home” opportunity.

Courtesy of Treetopia

And if you’re sitting there wondering, “Ok, but who actually sells decor for a Valentine’s tree?” Have you checked Amazon? Etsy? Hobby Lobby? Lenox has a set of Be Mine Valentine’s ornaments. There are LED battery-operated rose lights. Tree toppers shaped like lollipops. XOXO and “kisses” ornaments galore. Valentine’s wreath? Check. Valentine’s tree skirt? Double check. We’ve basically done the shopping for you.

So what do you think? Are you in? Send us your pictures if you have a Valentine’s tree in your house: editorial@dfwchild.com or on Instagram @dfwchildmag.

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