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Whole Foods

Vibe: Primarily a grocery store, this health-food nut’s haven also doubles as a take-away market. Filled with health-conscious shoppers of all varieties (hippies to hipsters to Preston Hollow princesses), good food that is good for you is the mantra, and to-go meals are no different. The staff is always ready and willing to help, often offering you assistance at the drop of a hat.

Why it's tot-friendly: There are just as many foods and products for the tiny tykes as there are for the grown-ups. Specially packaged kid-friendly foods, products and even carts made to entertain your little one make them feel at home. There are also anti-bacterial wipes near the shopping carts to wipe down the handles before you take one for a stroll.

Be sure to try: For a casual, no-fuss family dinner, take home the large pizza (with a variation of toppings). They’re great for an easy dinner fix, and who doesn’t love pizza (grown-ups included)? You might also sample one of several variations of chicken salad found in the pre-packaged meal section.

Good to know: Whether you’re making their lunch in the morning or cooking a quick dinner at night, the pre-cut fruits and vegetables are two great secrets to make your life easier.

Best times to go with kids: The stores are inviting to kids at all times.

Updated on 1/22/13