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Who is Your Celebrity Mommy Type?

Is your favorite pastime playing at the park with your little in a pair of Lululemon leggings? (Hello, Jessica Biel.) Maybe you’re a slave to fashion, and post-bump you hit up A-list designers not only for yourself, but for your mini me too. (Victoria Beckham, anyone?) Either way, chances are you identify with one of these for-the-fun-of-it (stereo)types — or even see a little bit of yourself in each one. Find the celebrity mom who reminds you of you, check out where she’s likely to be found and head over to make some like-minded friends.

THE FASHIONISTA: Victoria Beckham
You’re the type of mom who squeezed back into your size 2 jeans two weeks after delivering. You eschew frilly diaper bags for your oversized Dolce & Gabbana tote. Most likely you can be found at the spa (it’s all about upkeep, after all), salon (that bob won’t maintain itself) or mall (although you might opt to have your stylist make the run for you). When you play tennis, only designer athletic skirts will do; ditto goes for carpool — what if the line is long and you want to sashay to your BFF’s crossover to catch her up on your latest European vacay? You’re not afraid to tool around town in your luxury mom-mobile during the week, but on the weekends you dash away in your Beemer to meet the ladies for lunch. Your children are perfectly outfitted (thanks again to your stylist), and you and your couture-clad daughter hold season tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Her Local Haunts:
SHOPS: Neiman’s, (Dallas, Fort Worth or Plano, depending on her day) 
EATS (without the kids): Uchi, Dallas
FREQUENTS (with the kids): Dallas Museum of Art and Brookhaven Country Club
CALLS HOME: Park Cities
CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Manolo Blahnik Hangisis (in every color)

SOUTHERN BELLE: Reese Witherspoon
Room mother. Soccer mom. PTA president. Junior Leaguer. Is there anything you don’t do? You prefer khakis to jeans and polo shirts to little tank tops. You’re the first one in line at carpool, waiting to pick up your little darlings in their perfect hair bows and Burberry dresses. For class birthday parties, you effortlessly bake cookies, wrapping each one in cellophane tied just so with a silk ribbon. You wear very little makeup, yet always appear rested and cheerful (your hair never belying you with dark roots). On Saturdays, you and your spouse can be found on the soccer field in matching tailgate chairs. Sundays, however, are reserved for attending church and slow-cooking a tenderloin. Your family dines together every night at 6, and the kids are in bed by 7. On Fridays, you host game night and are the reigning Scrabble champ (although your son is getting pretty good).

Her Local Haunts:
SHOPS: The Shops at Willow Bend, Draper James and Southlake Town Square
EATS (without the kids): Sixty Vines, Plano or Dino's Steak and Claw House, Grapevine
FREQUENTS (with the kids): Dallas Zoo and Fort Worth Zoo
CALLS HOME: Willow Bend in Plano
CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Smythson planner 

Your kids have passports and frequent flyer miles and likely know at least two languages. You’re a single mom on the go supporting your favorite causes and don’t bat an eye about taking the kids with you — even if it’s an 18-hour plane trip. You tend to dress in all black (lest you have to hop a last-minute flight to NYC or Paris, where you own apartments). When you host a soiree, it’s to convince local luminaries that they need to jump on board with your pet organization’s mission (hence, you spare no expense on catering). You family doesn’t own TVs, but you’re not opposed to a shopping spree at a toy emporium, as long as you donate the amount spent to a nonprofit. Your home is filled with pricey contemporary art purchased from struggling artists. And for family outings, you prefer a little adventure (ATV riding at your parents’ Hill Country ranch or backpacking in Big Bend).

Her Local Haunts:
SHOPS: Le Labo, Dallas, Highland Park Village, Maven and West 7th 
EATS (without the kids): Gemma Restaurant
FREQUENTS (with the kids): Nasher Sculpture Center and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
CALLS HOME: Historic Fort Worth
CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Louis Vuitton luggage

MINDFUL MOGUL: Gwyneth Paltrow
You believe in living well. Your refrigerator is always stocked with fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies, and because your kids have eaten healthy from day one, they love to snack on tofu and hard-boiled eggs. You’re as conscious about what you put on your body as what you put in it, and scour the web to find the safest sunscreens and nontoxic beauty products. (Of course, with your too-good-to-be-true glowing skin, makeup is purely optional.) Your home is LEED approved — for obvious reasons — and trying new things is your forte. (Vampire facials, vagina steaming — you’ve done it all.) While you have your critics, it doesn’t get under your skin. You know you’re more than a pretty face with expensive taste. You’re a savvy businesswoman with a heart of gold — always eager to share your tips and tricks for living the good life with other mindful mamas.

Her Local Haunts:
SHOPS: Dallas Farmers Market and Forty Five Ten, Dallas 
EATS (without the kids): True Food Kitchen, Dallas and Plano and FT33, Dallas
FREQUENTS (with the kids): Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden 
CALLS HOME: Lakewood
CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Whole Foods Market

GLAMOUR GIRL: Beyonce Knowles-Carter
You walk into a room and people take notice. It might be your unabashedly over-the-top style, but most likely it’s your innate charisma. You’re the life of the party and have never met a camera you don’t like. (It probably helps that cameras love you back.) As one half of the city’s preeminent power couple, you’re a regular at every big-ticket event and courtside at every Mavs game. But you’re not all play. You’ve worked hard to build an enviable career — the spoils of which live in your designer-packed closet. Full as your to-do list and iCal may be, family is your No. 1 priority. You balance life on Dallas’ A-list with a houseful of littles thanks to a stellar team of nannies and housekeepers. And if the babysitter cancels, not to worry — you’ll just bring your kids along. That’s what custom kid-size Gucci is for, after all. 

Her Local Haunts:
SHOPS: Lane-Knight, Fort Worth and Nordstrom, Hurst, Dallas and Frisco
EATS (without the kids): Redrock Canyon Grill
FREQUENTS (with the kids): Moviehouse & Eatery, Flower Mound, Keller and McKinney
CALLS HOME: Westlake

Every afternoon at 3, you can be found at the park in your favorite Lululemon leggings, pushing the kids on the swings while swigging Starbucks and catching up on email. You’ll dress up to attend a black-tie event with your husband, but mostly you prefer to romp around in running shoes. You never miss a workout and have even been known to squeeze in a few pull-ups on the monkey bars. You live in a good school district, so you don’t fret about the quality of education. Instead, you spend languid days at the library with your little ones or host impromptu playdates at your chic abode, where you catch up with other moms while the kids play tag in your sprawling backyard. You and your friends like to meet up for salads and smoothies or a morning walk. And when it comes to date night, you prefer to stay in and lay low. DoorDash and movies on demand will do.

Her Local Haunts:
SHOPS: Galleria Dallas
EATS (without the kids): Neighborhood Services
FREQUENTS (with the kids): Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
CALLS HOME: Prestonwood
CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Flywheel Sports