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Whitney Kielwasser’s Advice for Special Needs Parents

plus her favorite restaurants and self-care spots in Dallas

Whitney Kielwasser, mom to daughter Maria who has FASD, shares her self-care spots and offers advice to other special needs parent.s

Her happy hour spots:

I love my girlfriend time. We like to try different spots. Just tried Shinseiand it was really good. We also like Dunstons and Cantina Laredo’s happy hour.” 

Shinsei Restaurant // 7713 Inwood Road, Dallas; 214/352-0005; shinseirestaurant.com
Dunston’s Steak House // 5423 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas; 214/352-8320; 8526 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas; 214/637-3513; dunstonssteakhouse.com
Cantina Laredo // Multiple locations; cantinalaredo.com 

Her self-care routines: 

I recently started going to the movies by myself, and I love it. And I love anything exercise-related, whether it’s the Pilates classes that I teach or riding my bike to clear my mind on the Northaven TrailI also love to read.” 

Northaven Trail // northaventrail.org 

Her family time recipe: 

We just enjoy doing simple things together. It’s actually nice for us not to have plans on the weekend. We do enjoy getting pizza at Campisi’s as a family.” 

Campisi’s // Multiple locations; campisis.us 

Her parenting reminders: 

  • I have to remind myself that it’s a slow process with Maria, and everything just takes a little longer. Be patient.” 
  • I try to keep things simple and remember that whatever behavior she’s exhibiting is not her fault.” 

Her latest reason to celebrate: 

Maria is taking the bus to school this year, which is a huge step for her towards more independence.”