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When Seconds Count

Two-year-old Reilly Jones of Mansfield nearly drowned at a backyard pool party. Today, he is thriving because his mom’s best friends knew CPR. They saved Reilly’s life.

Kids don’t come with instruction manuals, but if they did, infant and child CPR would surely be included. CPR classes are frequently long, concentrated affairs focused on providing certification to those caring for children on a professional basis. For parents, relatives and friends who simply want the skills to keep their children safe, a new home learning kit from the American Heart Association is just the ticket.

The Infant CPR Anytime was featured earlier this fall on Martha Stewart’s show as a “Mommy Must-Have.” Designed to be completed in just in 22 minutes, the kit includes an inflatable CPR mannequin, an instructional DVD, a foldout instruction card and other practice materials. The kit is available for $34.95 from www.shopcpranytime.org or 1-877-AHA-4CPR.

“Babies are curious and they’re quick,” nods Jai Moran, a volunteer with the American Heart Association. “Anyone who has an infant knows that they love to put small toys and objects into their mouths. Knowing what to do in that split second when you realize your infant is choking is very important.”

A full range of basic, certification-level and Spanish-language CPR courses are available through local chapters of the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. Your local hospital may offer CPR classes for new parents; run an Internet search on “CPR training Dallas” for companies that can tailor classes for your group or organization.

Get CPR-Smart

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