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Sam Stewart and family in Tanglewood Fort Worth, Photo courtesy of Angie Garcia Photography

What Sam Stewart Loves About Fort Worth’s Tanglewood Area

the style-obsessed pharmacist shares her picks in the neighborhood near TCU 

Sam Stewart is a woman of many talents. She’s a pharmacist at Fort Worth’s John Peter Smith Hospital while also running her popular fashion blog, Style of Sam. She and her husband, known to fans as “Mr. S.,” settled in Fort Worth’s Tanglewood neighborhood. They thought it would be a great place to raise their family—and they weren’t disappointed. Tanglewood has been a happy home for Mom, Dad, and adopted children “Little M” and “Baby M.”

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Fast Facts 

Age 43
Lives in Fort Worth’s Tanglewood neighborhood
Hails from Born in New Jersey; grew up in the Houston area
Occupation Pharmacist and fashion blogger
Significant Other Husband “Mr. S.,” who works in the medical field
Children Son “Little M,” 6, and daughter “Baby M,” 4
Alma mater Undergrad at Texas A&M University; pharmacy school at University of Texas
Find her Blog at styleofsam.com; on Instagram @styleofsam and on Facebook

One-on-One with Sam Stewart

DFWChild: What makes Tanglewood special?
SS: When we moved here, our neighbors brought us plants and food and welcomed us to the street. I’ve never experienced that. It’s a tight-knit community. All the neighbors watch out for each other. There are beautiful trees. Its a really great place.  

C: How does TCU contribute to the vibe?
SS: We are extremely close to campus. Our family likes to walk there. We’re a little farther out than some of the student housing, but it’s a fun mix of people. We have a lot of the older generation, younger families and then college kids.  

C: Where’s a great spot in Tanglewood for a family meal?
SS: One of my favorites is Local Foods Kitchen, a family-owned place. They make good healthy foods, and they have this courtyard shaded by ivy. And the people who work there love to bring my kids treats. We also love Zoës Kitchen. It’s really good food, and it’s easy. We go in, and they’re used to my kids. I love my kids, but they can be a little crazy! 

C: What about your favorite park?
SS: I have two. Overton Park is right across from Tanglewood Elementary, and it’s a wonderful park with sidewalks. There’s a playground, and it’s part of a huge walking, running and bicycle trail. And during quarantine, a lot of kids put fairy gardens there to make it a “positivity park.”  

Tillery Park is another neighborhood favorite. It has a smaller playground for younger kids. So you could take both a younger child and an older child, because it has both types of playgrounds at that park. And it’s fenced in, which is nice. 

C: How does your family cool off on summer days?
SS: We love Forest Park Pool
. There’s a very shallow end, and then it splits off to a deeper end. Everyone in the community goes there. And the splash area with the fountains at Sundance Square. The water disappears into the ground, and kids try to chase the water. 

C: What are some ways your family gives back to the community?
SS: One of my favorite places is the Tarrant Area Food Bank. They have wonderful programs. They have one where executive chefs teach people in the community to cook. And the participants get internships in local restaurants, and Tarrant Area Food Bank partners with other organizations to help them with resumes and job interview skills. It’s amazing.

Also, we like to donate to the Center for Transforming Lives. They help women and children in Tarrant County break the cycle of poverty. 

C: How did you and your husband meet?
SS: He was my biology lab partner freshman year of college. I totally had a crush on him. I was so excited when he sat next to me. When I looked over five minutes later, he was asleep! In his defense, it was an 8am class. But I was dating someone, and I think he was dating someone. So we always were just fond of each other. I remember every time I saw him on campus all four years.

Our senior year, we were in pharmacology class together, and we had broken up with our significant others over the previous summer. And we started dating. We said we wanted to be really casual because we had just both gotten out of very serious relationships. But we both just really loved each other so much. 

C: Where did you meet your mom friends?
SS: At our preschool—we go to Kinderplatzeveryone is super nice. Basically, you have no choice when your kids start school! You meet other moms. And I have a friend who also adopted. We bonded, and she introduced me to some of her friends too. 

C: Can you tell us about the adoption process?
SS: I’m a huge advocate for adoption; we’re blessed with two children because of it. My husband and I went through fertility treatments for seven years. I finally got to the point where I done trying to “naturally” have children. Both of our children are domestic adoptions. We just feel really lucky. 

Our journey to become parents is actually connected to me starting the blog. My friends wanted me to write about our fertility troubles. At the time, I didn’t feel comfortable with that, because it was so emotional and I didn’t know how to put it into words. So I shared fashion instead.  

Looking back, I wish I would have shared more about our journey, because maybe I could have found other people who were going through the same thing. And maybe we could’ve helped each other. 

C: How has the pandemic affected your work as a pharmacist?
SS: I am considered “as needed” at work. When COVID hit, even though my hospital floor was a COVID floor, all our shifts got cut—we had stopped surgeries and everything. So I’ve worked only one shift since the pandemic started. Actually it has been OK for our family. We don’t have outside child care, and my husband had to cancel his clinic when I was working. So it’s helpful to have me home. 

C: How busy do you stay with the Style of Sam blog?
SS: For working moms, there’s never really a good balance. So I started monitoring how much time I would spend on it. I would say it’s like a part-time job, 10–20 hours a week. I havent been able to focus on it as much since the pandemic hit, because I’ve been taking care of the kids, and theres just a lot of other things going on. 

C: You love high fashion but also attainable looks. That’s awesome!
SS: I’ve always been like that, because growing up, we didn’t have much. I got a lot of hand-me-downs. My mom sewed, and sometimes her customers would trade and give her clothing from their kids. And we would shop at garage sales.

Pre-kids, I was at a lot of estate sales and resale shops. I don’t have as much time now, so I’ve found a lot of online resale shops—The RealReal, Fashionphile. You can find all these designer things at literally a fraction of the cost. 

C: Has your daughter gotten into fashion too?
SS: Oh yes. She takes stuff out of my closet and wears it. And her teachers say she always notices what they’re wearing, their accessories. 

C: What are your hopes for your kiddos?
SS: I just want to make sure theyre caring and compassionate. I have to make sure I really do the work to help them become really caring and compassionate people. It’s so important. I feel like a lot of us were focused on so many different things before. Right now, I feel like we all have to focus on one thing, and thats making sure we all love each other. 

Sam’s Picks 

Local Foods Kitchen // 4548 Hartwood Drive, Fort Worth 
Zoës Kitchen // 1601 S. University Drive, Fort Worth (more DFW locations) 
Overton Park // 3500 Overton Park Drive E., Fort Worth
Tillery Park // 2200 Rockridge Terrace, Fort Worth
Forest Park Pool // 2850 Park Place, Fort Worth
Tarrant Area Food Bank // 2600 Cullen St., Fort Worth
Center for Transforming Lives // 512 W. 4th St., Fort Worth
Fountains at Sundance Square Plaza // Near Houston Street & Fourth Street, Fort Worth 
The Kinderplatz of Fine Arts // 2701 Riverglen Drive, Fort Worth

Photo courtesy of Angie Garcia Photography