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Vitamin D Dosage Doubles for Kids

Every mom strives to provide her child with the necessities of a healthy future. Now, moms across the nation are stepping up their game – when it comes to vitamin D, that is. A recent release from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) doubles the recommended amount of vitamin D for infants, children and adolescents. This dosage is aimed at increasing a child’s immunity to infection, cancer and diabetes, as well as keeping sound bone density.

But doubling your child’s intake of vitamin D will not be an easy task, acknowledges the AAP. It’s difficult to intake enough vitamin D from fortified milk (or other foods) and sunlight – the traditional methods of supplementation. “It is best to get the vitamin D from a multivitamin; there are multiple forms of both liquid and chewable vitamins on the market that adequately supplement growing children with the extra dose of vitamin D,” explains Dr. Early Denison, pediatrician and vice chair of pediatrics at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.

The AAP also warns breastfeeding moms that infants need vitamin D supplements to ensure healthy bone development; vitamin D deficiencies in the maternal diet fail to serve up enough nutrients for a growing baby. “Currently, there are studies being conducted to figure out how much vitamin D the mom would have to take to get the recommended amount in breast milk,” Denison says. But, he stresses, this recommendation is not meant to discourage breastfeeding. “Giving a liquid multivitamin with vitamin D to an infant is just an insurance policy to ensure that children will have strong bones,” Denison adds.

Whether by extra vitamin D-infused foods or by a healthful serving of your child’s favorite chewable vitamins, upping you child’s vitamin D is an easy step toward a strong future.