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Virtual Medicine Options for Families

from telemedicine to house calls

With reports of Coronavirus confirmed in Dallas, Collin and Tarrant counties, the idea of using a virtual doctor or having a practitioner come to you sounds way more appealing than loading up the kids and hanging out in a germy waiting room.

So we’ve rounded up a list of services where you can 1) have a doctor come to your house; 2) talk to a doctor over the phone; or 3) schedule a video chat with a doctor if you suspect your kiddo is coming down with something.

Virtual Care for Kids

As the name suggests, this service specializes in children up to age 21. There are physical locations (Urgent Care for Kids) available in addition to the virtual version. The virtual version will connect you with a provider who is specialized in pediatrics and covers everything from the flu to allergies or burns.

When: Available 7 days a week, 9am–9pm
Age: Up to 21 years
Fees: Contracted rates vary by insurance; self-pay flat rate $75


If you feel like your kiddo might be better served by seeing a doctor in person, Remedy promises that you can get treated at home in about two hours, with prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy. (There is a dispatch fee for those using insurance; then all medical services will be billed to the insurer.)

When: Same day house calls 8am–8pm, 365 days a year; on-demand video visits 24/7
Age: 1 year and up
Fees: At home visit without insurance $199; cost varies if using insurance; dispatch fee $49


Started in 2002, Teladoc is the largest telemedicine company in the United States. It offers doctor consults with a wide range of services from consulting a pediatrician for sick care to talking to a therapist or psychiatrist. Doctors are available by phone, video or app.

When: 24/7
Age: All ages
Fees: Cost will vary based on your insurance plan or employers; set up an account for an estimated cost

Dispatch Health

Serving the DFW area from Melissa to Burleson, Dispatch Health is bringing back the house call with ER trained providers and Dispatch Rovers well equipped with anything an urgent care might have. You can contact them via phone, website or the app. It is in-network with many insurance carriers.

When: 8am–10pm, 365 days a year
Age: 3 months and up
Fees: Average fee of $25–$50 after insurance, but cost will vary with insurance; flat rate without insurance $275


This service cannot be used for toddlers, but they treat most common illnesses over the age of 5. While it’s considered “out-of-network” for most insurances, there is a flat rate per visit that includes a medical assistant house visit, a telemedicine physician consult and an electronic prescription.

When: Available 24/7
Age: 5 years and up
Fees: Flat rate per visit $79; additional charges for diagnostic tests, lab tests, medical supplies and radiology

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