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Go Back in Time With a Vintage-Inspired Party

This one-of-a-kind party was part shabby chic and part Victorian-era elegance

Guests were transported to another era when they entered 4-year-old Georgia Davis’ elaborate birthday party. An overwhelming wash of pink, the aromatic fragrance of fresh flowers and an assortment of goodies greeted partygoers who were wowed by the painstaking attention paid to every detail. Part shabby chic and part Victorian-era elegance, Georgia and her mother Katherine’s vision for a one-of-a-kind party was expertly executed in just two weeks with a little help from Southern Affairs, a local party-planning company.

Originally Katherine envisioned an old-fashioned tearoom as the ideal setting for her daughter’s soiree, but she ended up opting for the more gender-neutral Dave & Buster’s in order to accommodate the little boys in attendance. Fabric draping, vintage furniture, floral arrangements and lavender-scented candles transformed a bare-bones private room into a whimsical wonderland.

Twenty guests – mostly close friends and family – joined Georgia on her special day. Children and adults were handed power cards and encouraged to explore the arcade before settling in for lunch and dessert. Dave & Buster’s catered kid-friendly fare such as mini burgers, mini pizzas and finger sandwiches. Adults nibbled on chicken wings and tacos, courtesy of a make-your-own taco bar.

To satiate Georgia’s sweet tooth, Katherine ensured there was an abundance of sugar-filled treats. A layered birthday cake and jars brimming with candy were available, but Katherine says it was the cupcakes that stole the show. Displayed on a meticulously styled dessert table, the treats were as aesthetically attractive as they were tasty. Katherine repurposed an antique chest for the desserts; drawers became compartments for beverages. To wash everything down, Georgia and crew sipped on strawberry-flavored pink milk from antique milk jugs and pink lemonade. “I loved seeing Georgia’s face when she was eating the cupcakes,” Katherine says. “She’s very girly and just had a great time.”

Outfitted in a Victorian-inspired dress, Georgia spent much of the afternoon perched on a vintage loveseat, complete with vintage decorative pillows. Katherine says the loveseat and the cupcakes were Georgia’s favorite parts of the party. The 4-year-old also has an affinity for flowers and adored the floral arrangements. Exceptionally fragrant blooms such as hydrangeas, roses and stargazers (Georgia’s favorite) were intentionally chosen to make the small space as aromatic as possible.

Katherine says she was thrilled with the vintage feel of the party – and the fact that her concept was successfully translated into reality. She encourages other moms hoping to plan a memorable party to choose a theme and run with it. “Just go online and type up your theme,” she says. “You will get so many ideas and so much inspiration. Just go from there.”