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7 Real Moms on Self-Love Lessons This Valentine’s Day

Let's get into the holiday spirit

Bring on the cupcakes, candy hearts and boxes of chocolate galore! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Although it’s that time of year again when grocery stores encourage us to indulge on all those sweet selections, we love V-Day because it’s an opportunity to express affection for the people you care most about in life. We asked local moms in Dallas-Fort Worth to tell us how they share the love and promote loving lessons in their kids in honor of Valentine’s Day. Read on for inspirational mom-given messages behind the true meaning of this holiday. 

“Every night before my kids go to bed, I whisper traits I love about them (hoping it will eventually become their self talk) like: ‘I love how kind and patient you are. You are a great friend and brother.’”––Laura, Allen

“I constantly tell my kids ‘No one else in this world is like you. Other people may have your same hair or same eye color, but no one has your personality and heart! Those things can’t be changed,’ and ‘You were made—by scratch—in my tummy. You are God’s gift to me. He loves me so much that he gave you to me.’”––Bondie, Lewisville

“I try to teach my children that everyone is special and worthy of love. When they become discouraged by negativity from classmates, I tell them to lean on their group of close friends for support and block out anyone whose opinion should not matter to them anyway.”––Paige, McKinney

“I encourage my kids to love in every way possible, not just words but with actions. I teach we love our family and we love our friends, to be gentle and kind. I don’t always believe in treating others how you want to be treated, but you can show people a kind way. We start and end the day with positive actions.”––Elizabeth, Dallas

“I’m currently raising two grandsons with totally different skin colors. A big thing in our household is teaching them about self love. Encouraging them to love the skin color God made them and to understand we are all made different in our own way. To treat everyone with love and respect everywhere we go. The more we show examples of love by hugs, kisses encouragement and praises, the more love they will show others.”–Terria, Arlington

“I believe to teach my children about self love, I must reach to them beyond their own physical appearance. They are beautiful on the outside, but it is important to tell them how much I love their kind gestures, their thoughtfulness, their consideration for others. Loving the person they are on the inside will teach them to look beyond physical attributes in others.”––Danielle, Fort Worth

“We tell [our son] that every person he meets is different and special and always encourage him to look for the good in every individual. We also tell him that we love him a lot and give hugs and kisses. Even if our day is crazy busy or frustrating we make sure that he knows his parents and puppies love him unconditionally. I also encourage him to practice self-love by giving himself a break if he makes a mistake or mess. It helps build his confidence and encourages him to try new things.”––Leigh, Dallas