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Urban Taco

Vibe: Let’s call it haute-Mexico City cuisine, or, in other words, not your average local Tex Mex spot. It’s a casual, locale with a more adventurous menu than just enchiladas and quesadillas. Flavors here are heavily lime-infused and dishes make extensive use of corn.

Why it’s tot-friendly: Kids can really wrap their hands around these tiny tacos, made with corn tortillas. Mild, flavorful salsas like avocado lime crema and salsa roja accentuate chicken and fish tacos.

Be sure to try: Try a sampler of salsas and chips while you wait for dinner. There’s a salsa for every palate. Sides and empanadas balance out a taco dinner.

Good to know: Grown ups will need at least three tacos, but with any order of three comes a free side dish.

Best times to go with kids: Avoid the dinner crowd and drop in for a laid back lunch.

Updated on 1/24/13