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Turn Boring Into Bubbles

If you have ever experienced the misery of lugging palettes of soda indoors from a hot garage on a 100-degree North Texas day, this product will probably be of interest to you. The Penguin turns tap water into soda or sparkling water in seconds. SodaStream’s eco-friendly machine comes with reusable glass carafes, which can be filled with water and inserted into the machine. A push of the carbonating “beak” results in customized carbonation. Each user can tailor the amount of fizz. The Penguin is about the size of a coffee maker, which makes it ideal for summertime use in boats or recreational vehicles where storage space is at a premium. It requires no electricity, but does need CO2 cartridges. Users can also buy various diet and regular soda flavors — from root beer to ginger ale and tonic. The Penguin has a price tag of $199.95; a set of two CO2 cartridges are $29.95.