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Trish Biddle

OCCUPATION: Fine art painter/artist.

PERSONAL STATS: The Westlake mom of Chloe, 5, and Claire, 3, has been married to husband Bryan, who works in information technology, for 13 years. The former Minnesota resident is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas. Biddle’s national presence as an artist grew exponentially when she was chosen to be the official artist of the 2009 Kentucky Derby and, later, the 2009 Westminster Dog Show (she will also paint the Westminster’s 2010 artwork — an unfinished sample of which can be seen in the photo). To view her artwork, go to www.trishbiddle.com.

YOUR CREATIVITY IS CREDITED TO: My mother is an artist, so she kept me in art classes and enrolled me in contests when I was young. She was very creative-minded and just passed it on, which is what I hope to do with my own daughters.

HOW YOUR GIRLS VIEW YOUR JOB AS AN ARTIST: Chloe is my artist prodigy. She loves to paint and draw by my side. Claire is a little too young to fully understand, but she does what she can to keep up with her big sister’s interests.

ON CARVING OUT CREATIVE TIME: I found a preschool enrichment program that is a big help! Or, when I need to be out of town for a show, grandma helps me. But, really, I try to include my kids when I can. They love coming to art shows or festivals and seeing what I do.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Nature, movement and watching people interact with one another. When I paint for a specific event, like the Westminster, I spent a lot of time observing animals doing what they do best: being themselves! Truthfully, I can find inspiration in nearly everything.

FRAZZLED MOM MOMENT: There are far too many to count … one that comes to mind is a time when I was working at an art festival and my husband decided to reinforce the concept of sharing to the girls. He bought one ice cream cone instead of two. Big mistake! We carried our precious little ones out of the park amidst a total meltdown — all while the festival director looked on!

FAVORITE FAMILY RITUAL: Taking the girls to the Fort Worth Zoo. When the weather is nice, we always walk a certain path: first the train, then the carousel … they love it.

MOTHERHOOD'S MOST CHALLENGING ASPECT: Juggling my goals and aspirations as a dedicated mom as well as a dedicated careerwoman.

THE FAMILY COOK (YOU OR YOUR HUSBAND):  [Laughs] That’s the other challenge! I do most of the cooking, but I’m a total foodie so it can be fun.

DINNERTIME SCENE IN YOUR HOUSE: If I succeed in getting everyone at the table — at the same time! — for a nice meal, it feels like a truly great accomplishment. I really treasure our dinnertimes.

THING YOU WISH YOU HAD DONE BEFORE KIDS: More traveling. Bryan and I traveled some, but I just can’t seem to get enough — Greece and Spain are two countries I’d love to see. The girls will be old enough soon, though.

WHAT YOUR MOTHER WAS RIGHT ABOUT: Her favorite thing to say to me is, “Been there … done that.” It drives me crazy, but I know she’s right. She’s been here and done this!

GREATEST REWARD OF MOTHERHOOD: When the girls say, “Mommy, I love you,” out of the blue for no reason.