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TownCenter Park in Kennedale

Where is it? Municipal Drive, Kennedale. Located between the police department, Kennedale Public Library and City Hall. Look for the clock tower or the Veteran’s Memorial.  

What makes it special? This playground not only has swings and two play structures, but it also has a merry-go-round and four bouncy spring toys to ride on. Kids can choose between a plane, two cars or a motorcycle. The play structure for ages 2–5 has a train and car theme to go along with the bouncy spring toys.  

What else? The park has two decorative train cars that kids will enjoy sitting in and playing conductor. There’s a Veteran’s Memorial that includes a fountain and statue of an eagle.  

Is it safe? This playground scored an A* on the Safety Report Card. The entire park is surrounded by an iron fence, keeping little ones away from all streets and parking lots. One of the baby swings is broken and you’ll want to make sure your kiddos stay out from underneath the merry-go-round to avoid injuries. TownCenter Park is clean and the equipment is in great condition. 

Pluses & minuses:
+ Park is fenced in 
+ Park is well-maintained 
+ Playground has bouncy spring toys 

– There’s a broken swing 
– No restrooms 
– One of the bouncy cars is missing its steering wheel 

Our grade: 5/5 
*Based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Report Card at playgroundsafety.org 
This review was distributed to the City of Kennedale Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action. 

Published April 2014