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Top 5 New Baby Products We Love

items that will help baby sleep, travel and more

When you’re pregnant, so much excitement comes the first time you hear the heartbeat and see those toes wiggle on the sonogram. But what might not be exciting is the realization of how much stuff babies really need.

How do you know all the things you should buy? What’s the best? We checked out the latest and greatest gadgets to help parents wade through the massive pool of baby products. Below are our top five.

Brooklinen Brooklittles Line

Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen is known for having amazingly soft bedding for adults. But after the founders recently had their own son, they re-launched the Brooklittles line. They updated the patterns, made sure all of the bedding was OEKO-TEX® Class 1 certified (which means it’s the highest safety standard for babies), and reformulated the swaddles to have a little less stretch, so that your baby burritos stay nice and tight. The line includes bedding, quilts and swaddles so that you’ll have a gorgeous, matching nursery. // $32–$188

Bedgear Bed Mattress Air-X 2 Stage Crib Mattress

Courtesy of Bedgear

Before you have a baby, you might think the phrase “sleeping like a baby” is something that naturally happens, but new moms are quick to realize it takes a perfect setup to get your baby to actually “sleep like a baby.” This BedGear Air-X 2 Stage Crib Mattress takes the fear and guesswork out of picking your baby’s mattress. The mattress is designed for optimal air flow (which we know is important with SIDS), and the moisture wicking and cool touch cover will ensure that your baby doesn’t overheat while sleeping. Plus, the mattress has one side designed for months 0–12 that’s firm for a safe environment, and a softer side for 12 months and older. The mattress cover zips off for easy cleaning, which makes it perfect for the messy baby and toddler years. // $299.99

Kibou Diaper Bag

Courtesy of Kibou

With my kids, we were skeptical that we would be able to transition from our big backpack diaper bag to the Kibou diaper bag that’s the size of a fanny pack—but we were pleasantly surprised. All of the compartments are very well thought out (hello, waterproof wipes pocket and detachable changing pad), and we were happy to leave some rarely used items in the car to have essentially a hands-free diaper bag. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors that dads won’t be embarrassed to grab.  // $89.00

Babyzen YoYo2 Stroller

Courtesy of BabyZen

Talk to any seasoned parent, and you’ll be told that you’ll probably need multiple strollers over the years. There’s the giant infant carrier stroller, the travel stroller, the lightweight umbrella stroller, and the jogging stroller. (It’s easy to see how parents end up with more strollers than kids.)

Enter the BabyZen YoYo 2 Stroller that can stay by your side (or your front) from the newborn phase all the way through toddlerhood. It’s lightweight (at 13.6 pounds), comes with a shoulder strap and has an easy-to-fold design—it’s perfect for families on the go.

And this brand has truly thought of every accessory you might need. There’s the Yoyo Diaper Bag that comes with its own wheel attachment (so that your stroller doesn’t tip over if the baby is removed), a briefcase-sized travel bag, and even a parasol to insure your babies delicate skin doesn’t see any rays. Plus, there’s 10 other additional accessories to make sure you’re fully prepared for wherever you and your baby may go. // $499.99

Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine, Night Light, Time to Rise, and Audio Monitor

Courtesy of Hatch

You’ll notice much of this list is aimed at helping your baby sleep, because as new parents you will do just about anything for a few extra hours—er, minutes—of sleep. This Hatch Rest+ is like the Swiss army knife of sleep with 11 types of white noise, a customizable night light, time-to-rise alarm (for older kiddos) and an audio monitor.

The newest version has added a backup battery for when the power flickers or you’re on the go. And there’s an audio monitor you control with the app. Customize the settings so if you need a little bit of light for a middle of the night diaper change, you can create a setting for that. Plus, the clock reading on the front and rise-to-wake alarm are great tools for older kiddos to help create good sleep habits. // $89.99

Featured image courtesy of Kibou.