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Tinker Bell DVD

Reel Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Reels
MPAA Rating: G
Released on DVD and Blu-ray: Oct. 28, 2008
Genre: Animated, Family, Musical
Runtime: 78 minutes
Directed by: Bradley Raymond
Cast: Mae Whitman, Kristen Chenoweth, America Ferrera, Raven Symone, Lucy Liu

DVD Extras: "Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow" – an interactive map which takes viewers into Pixie Hollow; "Ever Wonder" – a 4-minute live-action piece depicting fairies doing their jobs in our world; "Fly to Your Heart" Music Video by Disney cutie Selena Gomez; Deleted Scenes; “Creating Pixie Hollow" – 10 minutes of the filmmakers discussing the making of Tinker Bell.

Sex/ Nudity: Not much, but there IS a scene where Tink gets ogled by her fellow boy tinkers when she dons her (very) short dress for the first time.

Violence/Gore: Some peril when a hawk swoops down on the fairies, cornering two in a tree. Wild thistles destroy a part of Pixie Hollow, but no one is hurt.

Profanity: None.

Which Kids Will Like It? Kids who love sweet, animated tales with lots of color and music.

Will Parents Like It? Yes, Tinker Bell is a sweet movie with a positive message about being true to yourself.

Review: Tinker Bell is bright, colorful, and filled with sweet characters – the perfect remedy for these difficult economic times. The story begins with the birth of Tinker Bell (voiced by Mae Whitman), the result of a child’s first laugh (that’s how fairies are born).

Tink floats through the air, first as a dandelion, then materializing in Pixie Hollow, the home of the fairies, where she's greeted by Queen Clarion (Anjelica Huston). She’s then instructed to find her fairy talent, and learns that she’s a "Tinker" (thus, the name), a fairy who fixes things.

Fellow Tinkers Bobble (Rob Paulsen) and Clank (Jeff Bennett) are happy to have a new colleague, but Tink isn’t too sure about her post, especially after learning that other fairies help to bring the seasons to life. Rosetta (Kristin Chenoweth – she even sounds like a fairy!) works with plants and flowers, Fawn (America Ferrara) works with animals, Silvermist (Lucy Liu) works with water, and Iridessa (Raven-Symone) works with light. But Tink learns to love and appreciate her own talents, despite the manipulations of a villain fairy, Vidia (Pamela Adlon), who’s jealous of how the other fairies accept Tinker Bell.

Again, I’ll reiterate that this is an adorable and fun movie, with a good message for all kids (although, admittedly, it will probably appeal to girls more than boys). It stresses the importance of finding your own talents and being part of a community. It also emphasizes equality between boys and girls. Bobble and Clank are boy tinkers, but they never judge Tink because she’s a female in what might be considered a male-dominated skill. That’s great!  

The CG-animation is crisp, clean and colorful. And at 78 minutes, the story moves along quickly, is full of action and comedy, and even includes a fun mouse, named Cheese.