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Woman talking to OBGYN about getting pregnant

The Top 5 Questions To Ask When Trying to Get Pregnant

they're simpler than you might think

If you’re a woman who is trying to have her first baby, the waters may seem tough to navigate. Even if you’re already a mom and thinking about having your second (or third), most moms will tell you their consecutive pregnancies were pretty different than the first.

So what are the main things you need to know if you’re trying to get pregnant? There’s already so much information (and of course, everyone and their mother has their opinions), how do you know what’s actually important?

Dr. Jessica Shepherd—OBGYN, women’s health expert and founder of Her Viewpoint—gave us her top five questions women should ask when trying to get pregnant and they’re simpler than you might think:

    1. If I don’t have an OBGYN, what are the best questions to ask my general physician about finding one?
    2. If I have irregular cycles, how can I know when I am ovulating?
    3. How long should it take for me to get pregnant? And when should I see a doctor if I don’t get pregnant?
    4. Should I take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant?
    5. How does age affect fertility? What age is too old to try for pregnancy?

That’s it! That’s all you actually need to ask. From there, your OBGYN will lead you through the process.

Just remember, as with most things involving the human body, one size does not fit all. So ask any and all questions that you can think of; don’t stop with just these five if you have a few (or a lot) more.

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