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The Most Memorable #MomTruths We Heard in May

a missing mouse, mismatched shoes and more laughs

Here are this month’s memorable parenting moments, from unintentional body shaming to the case of the missing mouse.

“I walked by my 14-year-old daughter’s room as she was telling her friend that she was about to turn 15, so she’d be getting her driving permit in the mail. I said, ‘Honey, they don’t just send you a permit in the mail—you have to take a test and practice driving first.’ She was totally surprised! I just assumed she knew.”
Amy, Mansfield

“In the car, I thought one of my triplets had her shoes on the wrong feet, so I switched them. When we arrived at school, I still thought they were wrong and switched them again. It turns out she was wearing two right shoes from multiple pairs.”
Nadia, Wylie

“My daughter came into my room one morning while I was getting dressed. She pointed to my bra and asked why I had to wear it. I explained to her that every little girl eventually has to wear a bra because her breasts get bigger. Then she says, ‘I hope mine don’t hang like that.’”Shree, Richardson

“I was sick last week with a cold, and my voice was raspy. My 3-year-old son said to me, ‘Oh, Mama, I’m sorry you lost your noise.’ I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had lost my voice, not my noise.” Heather, Frisco

“My husband was working from home and I was cleaning when my daughter wanted to play hide and seek. She decided to play anyway and hid her dad’s computer mouse in her backpack. We looked for an hour before we found it.”
Lanna, Grapevine

“After we watched a Sunday night movie (and stayed up a little past bedtime), my son said, ‘Mom, how about we watch a movie every Sunday—to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.’ I have a feeling he’ll add that to anything he wants to do now. How can I say no?”
Alexis, Grapevine

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.