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The Lash Lounge

You’re in the checkout line pretending to answer your kid’s questions with an “uh-huh” as you skim the covers of the recent tabloids with Kim Kardashian and the likes staring at you with prefect brows and lashes. Just because your reality doesn’t involve a 72-day marriage, however, doesn’t mean you can’t have those luscious lashes. There’s a place for you called The Lash Lounge, which specializes in semi-permanent eyelash extensions made to look like natural lashes with a little oomph. Trained staff apply 45 lashes per eye to your natural hair. Their technique can take as much as two hours, but it lasts up to two weeks.

The Lash Lounge, $250 (includes first filling)
The Shops at Highland Village, 972/317-1125