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Mom Truths from March, #MomTruths

The Funniest #MomTruths We Heard In March

from potty training troubles to the fashion police

“My husband was getting ready to take my son out to play soccer since he has new shin guards. I stopped them on their way out the door because something didn’t look right. Spoiler alert: They weren’t shin guards … they were Nike slippers!” Nicole, Little Elm

 “I’m trying to train my stubborn toddler to use the potty. He’s not into it and refuses to learn. I decided to show him how to use the potty by showing him myself. Instead of him taking it in, he says, ‘Yay! Mommy uses the potty. Good job, Mommy!’ and runs out of the bathroom.” LaTari, Dallas

“I was explaining to my son that his father and I are always on the same team and don’t fight. He quickly reminded me that I yell at Dad a lot because he ‘farts in the car.’ Then he says, ‘That’s not fair, Mom. Everyone farts! Why can’t we all just let it out when we need to? Unless we’re at the dinner table, then I know we need to hold it in.’” Angela, Irving

 “I explained negative numbers to my kindergartener. He looked at me like I was crazy and cried, ‘That’s nonsense!’ This is the same child who told me the book he was assigned to read was ‘not very sensible.’” Alexis, Bedford

“One day I wore all black to work. I turned to my 8-year-old daughter and asked her if I looked skinny. She replied, ‘Yeah, in the dark!’” Roshun, McKinney

  “My son has been doing boxing. Since it’s so hard to connect with teenagers, I joined boxing as well. Now not only can I kick butt, we have had so many great conversations and laughs over our shared hobby.” Danielle, Fort Worth 

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.