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The Funniest #MomTruths We Heard in January

a fall in the toilet and more LOL moments to start the year

I asked my 2-year-old son if he wanted to have milk with dinner. When I opened the fridge, he looked at me deadpan and said, “How ’bout a Coke?” Alex, Dallas

When my daughter was 2, she got upset that I would not share my snack with her. But I could not deny her on her third attempt, when she responded to my “no” with “Sharing is caring, Mommy!” Well played, kiddo. Laura, Las Colinas

I told my kids the other day that one day, they won’t want to fart in front of others. My son responded, “Oh no, if I see a girl, I don’t fart, I squeeze my butt cheeks!”Tracy, Plano

 When my 5-year-old said he didn’t want the potty “booster” seat and could get on the toilet himself, I took a step back. But he wasn’t gripping the sides of the seat yet, so he fell bottom-first into the water. He promptly told me I was the “worst mom ever.” I responded, “What about moms who get arrested? Am I worse than them?” He frowned, “I’m not talking about them. You’re the worst of the nice moms.” Alexis, Bedford

My son says “foxy” instead of the word “fox.” Before he started doing this, we bought him a winter coat with a fox pattern on it, so now that he’s wearing it, he pats his coat and says, “Foxy!” Heather, Frisco

I placed our newly purchased box of donuts on the car while getting the kids buckled up. The 2-year-old had a meltdown, and I slid into the driver’s seat and tried to shut out the noise. As I drove forward, I watched the donuts slide off the hood. I hear my 2-year-old, now over her meltdown, calmly say, “Mom, our donuts just fell in the street.” Whitney, Dallas

Illustration by Mary Dunn.