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The Funniest #MomTruths from January

warning: 3-year-old boys can be ruthless

Mealtime mishaps, young beauty critics and more. Plus, it’s safe to say work Zoom meetings and young kids don’t mix well. Laugh out loud at January’s #MomTruths—funny parenting moments and fails from DFW moms.

“When my youngest was 5, he volunteered to help with communion at church. He held the tray with tiny plastic cups of wine but got bored and decided to sit down. I look over and there he was—picking up all the mostly finished wine cups and drinking the leftovers!”
Susan, Plano

“While I was working from home, my daughter called me from the bathroom. I muted the call I was on but brought it with me. The team on the call asked me a question. As soon as I unmuted, my daughter yelled, ‘Wipe me, wipe me!’” Heather, Rockwall

“Last week I came home after getting my hair cut and colored, feeling all fancy, and my 3-year-old son looked up at me and said, ‘Eww, Mom, what happened to your hair? Yuck!’”
Heather, Frisco

“I made the mistake of getting dressed for an event right before my son’s mealtime. I ended up hand-washing two huge pea-green stains out of my dress! I had to air dry it out of our car window.” Alera, Arlington

“I was watching a show when my son came in. The couple on screen started being inappropriate, so I covered my son’s eyes. I told him I didn’t want him to see, and he replied, ‘Oh, she tried to trick him with a kiss, he figured it out, stabbed her and all her guts fell out!’ Yes … exactly.”
Rebecca, Argyle

“One time, I decided my son needed his own dog. I wanted a pug, but no pugs were available near us. I’m impatient, so I searched for dogs everywhere. Long story short, it ended with my husband waiting in a Whataburger parking lot at 2am for a big rig and almost getting talked into buying two pugs.” Alison, Southlake

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.