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The Funniest #MomTruths from August 

have you ever used a Popsicle stick to eat your dinner?  

“After dinner, we gave our daughter a sugar cookie. She took a bite and said she didn’t like it, so we gave her a chocolate cookie instead. The next thing we knew, she finished her chocolate cookie and picked up her sugar cookie to finish it off too! She tricked us!” Sabrina, Lantana 

“Every time I make my son a sandwich, I think it’s the most gourmet thing I’ve ever seen. But he always takes a bite and says, Ew, Mom! I don’t like it! Alison, Southlake 

“We picked up barbecue for dinner and planned on eating at the park. When we got there, I realized we had no utensils. I looked everywhere in my car for some. We ended up using some jumbo popsicle sticks to eat our dinner.” Meredith, The Colony 

“I showed up to work one day and looked in my purse for a work document my coworker needed. When I pulled the document out, the box of raisins I keep for my kids had exploded and was stuck to the paper.” Kristy, Las Colinas 

“I have girl-boy twins. When I’m not putting cereal boxes in the fridge and milk in the pantry, I’m placing bows on my boy and not realizing until we show up to our destination!” Alissa, Little Elm  

“Last year, I forgot it was picture day at my son’s school, so I let him dress himself. He’s usually best dressed for picture daybut in his class photo, he has on a slightly-too-small Ninja Turtle shirt with wacky hair.” Yasmeen, Plano