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The Funniest #MomTruths for March

from a heartfelt moment to a picture-day oops

Heartfelt special needs reunions, picture-day mistakes and more. Have a laugh and a smile at this month’s sweet and relatable parenting moments—aka #MomTruths—from DFW moms.

“I’ve been working a lot, including weekends. I finally had a Saturday off and slept in. I was hanging out with my daughter in my room for hours. At about 1:30, I said, ‘Let’s get dressed so we can get some lunch.’ She tells me, ‘But I didn’t even eat breakfast yet.’”
Nakiba, Mansfield

“It was school-picture day, and we had my twins in cute outfits. What I didn’t notice was that their grandparents had put temporary tattoos on the night before. Nothing like being covered in tattoos in your first school picture!” Nadia, Wylie

“On a cold day, I said to my daughter, ‘Oooh, girl. I’m as cold as… I don’t know what.’ To which she says, ‘I’m as cold as a naked mole rat!’”
Dacia, Dallas

“I was dropping my teenage daughter off at school after a rough morning of not being able to find the perfect outfit, her iPad and other teenager stuff. After she slammed the door, my son looked at me with a serious face and said, ‘Well, that was difficult.’”
Erika, Coppell. Her son Hunter, 9, has autism, autoimmune encephalitis and diabetes.

“My autistic son works as a bagger at a grocery story. I went in to pick up a few things before picking him up and saw him hugging and high-fiving a friend—who also has special needs—from high school. On our way to the car, a man came up to us and said he was having a horrible day and seeing that turned his day around.”
Susan, Plano. Her two sons, 25 and 18, both have autism.

“My 7-year-old son was reading a book about hermit crabs. ‘Hermit crabs can live to be 30 years old,’ he read aloud. Then he looked up. ‘Mom, if you were a hermit crab, you’d already be dead.’ Thanks for pointing that out.” Alexis, Grapevine

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.