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illustration of funny parenting moments

The Funniest #MomTruths for February

Minnie-obsessions and misheard words

Laugh along at these funny, relatable parenting moments (aka #MomTruths)—from a bad-word alert to an unusual daycare show-and-tell item.

“When my son was little, his daycare teacher told us he said a bad word. We soon found out the word he was trying to pronounce was ‘flock,’ as in a flock of sheep.”
Iris, Arlington

“My husband and son are both hard of hearing and don’t want to wear their hearing aids. One day, my son was trying to tell me something, but I couldn’t understand him over the noise of the TV, toys and tablets. He said, ‘Mommy, maybe you need to get hearing aids!’”
Katrina, Midlothian

“My 21-month-old is obsessed with Minnie Mouse, so I got her a Minnie-themed toilet training soft potty ring. This morning, she was holding it and didn’t want to let go. She was throwing fits every time I tried to take it away. She ended up bringing it with her to daycare.” Gosia, Euless

“On our road trip, we had to stop so the boys and I could use the bathroom. We found a family bathroom, so I took them in. Both boys went first, then it was my turn. As I squatted over the seat, I explained girls had to sit to pee, to which my youngest replies: ‘Mom, you’re just not trying hard enough. Do you want me to show you how?’ I’m good, buddy.”
Rebecca, Argyle

“My 7-year-old son can be a little dramatic. He was mad at me about something, but I still made him practice his weekly Bible verse for me. He stared me down and pointed at me as he recited the words ‘the wicked’ and ‘sinners.’” Alexis, Grapevine

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.