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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard In June

From the first day of daycare gone wrong to a sudden surprise at a farmers market trip

“One morning I woke up really tired and did my daughter’s chongos (pigtails). One came out sideways, but I let her go to day care like that.” ––Jaqueline, Irving

“I was shopping at a farmers market with my daughter in her umbrella stroller and hung bags of produce on the handles. It outweighed her and the whole thing tipped backward.” ––Judy, Wylie  

One day when I picked umy son from his Montessori school he was very upset. On probing further he was like, ‘It’s all Miss K’s (his teacher) husband’s fault. He left the backyard door open and now she has allergies. ––Amruta, Plano 

On my daughter’s first day of day care I dressed her up in a new outfit. During the three-minute drive to the day care, she had a blowout in her diaper. When they opened the door to greet us I was holding her by the armpits.” ––Rebecca, Grapevine 

While was attempting to put my 1-year-old to sleep, I leaned in to kiss him goodnight.  He looked up at me and said, ‘No, Mama,’ and climbed out of my lap. It was another 20 minutes before he went to sleep.” ––Traci, Dallas  

Potty training often involves rewards for getting something in the potty. My 2-year-old daughter made it happen one day, so she earned a sticker. The sticker went missing, and she started sniffling. It got stuck up her nose, so we rushed to the ER. In two days the sticker made it to the potty.––Ontara, Arlington