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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard in January

From picture day perils to mixed-up school notes 

“I always accidently send messages to my daughter’s teacher about my son’s matters. They are in the same school, just different grades.” —Yamei, Grapevine

“I totally forgot about picture day at my daughter’s school. Let’s just say my little princess looked like a mini Gene Simmons for her Pre-K picture: un-brushed hair, jeans cut off and a black, rocker tank top!” —Vanessa, Flower Mound

“We decided to take our kids to SeaWorld. We pulled up, and there were about 20 cars there—we were pumped about the amazing parking spot! Then we realized the park was closed, and all our excitement turned to devastation.” —StoreeAzle

“My son enjoys passing gas and then saying, ‘Sorry.’ One time we pulled into a gas station, and he asked, ‘What’s that?’ pointing to the gas pump. When I replied, ‘Gas,’ my son said, ‘Eww!’ Now, I have to say, ‘Gas—petrol.’” —Papatia, Dallas 

“My husband woke me saying our 3-year-old was screaming. I realized on her way to our bedroom she stopped in the closet to get a toy, and I shut her in! That’s where we found her … shut in a dark closet, totally freaked out!” —Rebecca, Frisco 

“My twins were about 15 months old when I had to change Baby A’s diaper in the family restroom at the gym. While I was changing Baby A’s diaper on the changing table, I looked over and saw Baby B’s face and hair wet. She said, ‘Mmm!’ and smiled! She had been drinking out of the toilet!” —Lisa, Dallas