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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard in December

From forgotten clothes to breast pump mishaps

“I sent my kids to school dressed in pajamas on what I thought was jammies day during spirit week. It turned out it was actually Dr. Seuss character day.” —Donna, Mansfield

“If you have an electric breast pump, always make sure it’s charged if you plan to pump away from home. When I went to pump on my break at work the pump was dead, and I didn’t have the charger with me. (The charger wouldn’t have worked anyway because there’s no plug in the room). I ended up squeezing the milk out.” —Stephanie, Watauga

“When my daughter was about 2 years old, we took our summer trip to the family lake house. When we reached the house I realized we left all her clothes at home. Luckily, the local Dollar General carried a surprisingly cute variety of Carter’s brand.” —Niki, Fort Worth

“We leave shoes outside by the front door in our household. One day I was so late taking my son to school that I carried him to the car, drove him to school and realized I forgot to put his shoes on.” —Michaelle, Dallas

“My daughter knows every word to ‘Hollaback Girl’ and says ‘Oooh this my s#!%, this my s#!%’ whenever she feels like it!” —Ashlee, McKinney

“I was about 15 minutes away from work when I looked in the rearview mirror and didn’t see my son in his car seat—my heart dropped! For a few seconds I forgot I already dropped him off with the babysitter.” —Melissa, Royce City

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