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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard In August

From tales of double photo shoots to a fashion faux pas

When you drop off your son at your aunts house for a sleepover and realize you have forgotten his blankie.’ Whoops—sorry, kid! ––Amber, Grapevine 

“I sent my petite 3-year-old to school in new size 3 pants I thought fit. Turns out they were falling all day. When my husband picked her up from school they were at her ankles.” Sarah, Dallas 

That moment when you think your child is old enough to watch Ironman, and a day later you walk into the living room and see your 5-year-old playing with his toys while singing Im on a highway to helllllll” ––Linda, Grand Prairie 

My kindergartner wears black basketball shorts and white compression tights everywhere, but one weekend he added green dress socks. I told him they didnt match. He pulled the pockets of his shorts inside out and said, Mom! This is green! I do match!” ––Tiffani, McKinney 

My son has two sets of first-day-of-kindergarten photos because when we got to the school the first time, we realized we were one week early. We still laugh about it when we see our Real First Day and Fake First Day photos.” ––April, Arlington 

“When my son was 4, he would take forever to get out of the car. I kept telling him if he didnt hurry up Id go inside without him. One day I decided to teach him a lesson and went inside the house without him for less than a minute. Hes 14 now anstill is convinced I forgot him.” ––Kim, Flower Mound