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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard in April

From a selfie gone wrong to an accidental run-in with a car mirror

posted a selfie on Facebook and realized my 9-month-old was in the background of the photo sucking on the doorstopper.” ––Rebecca, Grapevine 

“As we were rushing to get into a building, I got onto my daughter for not paying attention while she’s walking. Seconds later, I accidentally walked her into a car’s side mirror.” ––Tanisha, Little Elm 

We were 15 minutes late for my 2-year-old’s first dance rehearsal. After going in circles and asking everyone we could find for help, we finally realized there were two schools with almost exactly the same name––we were at the wrong one.” ––Stephanie, Frisco 

My daughter and I rushed to get ready when we woke up 30 minutes late one day. As I dropped her off at school, she gets out of the car and yells, ‘Mom, where is your hair?! I realized I left home without my wig. ––Natasha, Dallas 

“I told my kids I was stuck in traffic because there was a wreck as the Easter Bunny was crossing the road. When I got home, my kids were in tears because they thought the Easter Bunny was run over. I didn’t think that one through very well.––Nadia, Fort Worth 

I was excited to bring my son with me to a wedding, thinking if he cried I could just nurse him to keep him quiet. He started to get fussy right before the ceremony began. I realized I wore a turtleneck dress that zipped up in the back. I spent the entire ceremony in the bathroom nursing my baby.” ––Courtney, The Colony