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The Funniest #MommyFails We Heard In May

“When my daughter was younger, she threw her shoes out the window one day while I was driving.” ––Celinda, Irving 

“While I cook dinner, my daughter usually plays with the pots and pans. All of a sudden I hear quiet. I turn around to see her with a mouthful of our dogs food!” ––Amber, Grapevine 

“Tired Mommy asks, Would you like me to bake a pizza or make soup?’ Apparently I speak fast because my 4-year-old says, ‘What’s metamakasoup?’ I sayMe  to  make … a  soup with meat and veggies.’ She responds, ‘I want that metamakasoup, no pizza!’” ––Lakin, Forney 

“My son woke up screaming in the middle of the night because he swallowed his loose tooth and was worried about the tooth fairy not coming. So there I was at 1am making a fake tooth out of cotton and tape.Bondie, Lewisville 

“My son and I were looking for syrup at our church’s pancake dinner. Thinking I found it, I said, ‘Here, put this on your pancakes,’ and a hot liquid came out. I said, ‘Wow, that’s hot syrup!’ My son smelled it and said ‘No, it’s coffee!’” ––Kristen, McKinney 

One Monday morning my son and I walked out with our binders in hand. I told him we needed to switch because we had the wrong ones. He said, ‘No, Mommy, I have mine.’ Of course, I didn’t listen and switched anyway. I ended up presenting a colorful report on an artic fox and he a new curriculum for a youth Bible study.” ––Claudia, Fort Worth

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