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Floral spring pattern

The Editors’ Spring Picks

spring has sprung

Spring: the season that brings warmer weather, thunderstorms and insane allergies. And while the season technically started in March, it feels like spring really started just a few weeks ago. And because we’re so excited to have spring finally arrive, we thought we’d share with you some of our top picks for the season—from spring trends and refreshing beverages to what we’re binging on Netflix or Prime. Check it out!

Editors picks for spring trends

Our Favorite Spring Trends:

“I always love a bold pattern patio dress in the warmer months. It’s a total outfit in one piece!” —Heather Vance Devers, Creative + Content Director

“All I’ve been wearing for the last several weeks is comfy pants. ‘Lounge pants’ is, in fact, my most recent fashion search online. But if the circumstances were right, I’d love to wear a sundress and sandals! I ordered these AQUA crystal-embellished sandals before the pandemic started; they’re not the most comfy but I felt pretty spring-chic. I also got these Rothys Mary Janes and have had no place to show them off. They looked cute with skinny jeans the one time I got to wear them before social distancing though!” —Alexis Patterson, Managing Editor

“Baby doll dresses and tie dye have caught my eye for spring and summer. And I love rattan bags—Handmade Kiddo and Lokatan are great shops on Etsy for rattan. For working out, I’m starting to dig the bike shorts trend too. (Let’s just say I’ll have plenty of online purchases to show off when social distancing ends.) —Sydney Blalock Ritchie, Digital Editor

“All of the florals—dresses, shirts and flowy pants. If I’m not wearing floral, is it really springtime?” —Emily Yearwood, Editorial Intern

Editors picks for things to do in spring

Our Favorite Spring Things To Do:

“I love sitting outside in a lawn chair and watching my son play with the neighborhood kids. Allergies have made being outside super difficult for me this year though. Is anyone else miserable?” —Alexis Patterson

“It’s a ton of work, but I love refreshing my garden and putting down new mulch. It feels like a perfect reset for the season.” —Heather Vance Devers

“We have a great neighborhood where almost everyone owns a dog, so walking our goldendoodle as much as we can has been fun. And spring is the best time for bike riding! It’s breezy and we don’t have the grueling summer heat yet.” —Sydney Blalock Ritchie

Getting outside! I’m a birder, so I seek out trails with birdlife, but just being out in the temperate weather, surrounded by signs of life and growth and greenery—it’s good for the soul.” —Carrie Steingruber, Executive Editor

“Kayaking Lady Bird Lake in Austin!” —Emily Yearwood

Editors picks for spring beverages

Our Favorite Spring Beverage and Restaurants to Visit:

“Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth is a great choice for spring! I love sitting out on the patio, enjoying chips, salsa and fajitas. My go-to drink is sparkling water. I’ve been on a bubly kick recently—the strawberry flavor. If your grocery store is out, it’s because all the cases are in my house. Sorry! But I should say, I’m not pandemic-hoarding. I just drink it all day, every day.” —Alexis Patterson

“Ranch water is my favorite refreshing drink!” —Heather Vance Devers

“My favorite drink in the spring has to be a cold glass of rosé or ranch water. As far as restaurants, I will be anywhere with a patio. A few of our favorite patios include Hudson House in Addison, Mesero in Addison or Legacy West, Haywire in Legacy West (that rooftop is fabulous) and Te Deseo downtown when we’re feeling fancy.” —Sydney Blalock Ritchie

“Homemade brown sugar lattes. Sprinkling some brown sugar on top makes all the difference.” —Emily Yearwood

Editors picks for spring books and music

What We’re Reading and Listening To:

“For me, no commute equals no podcasts. But back in the days of driving to work, I mostly listened to Dateline NBC podcasts. I’m not really up on hip music (calling it ‘hip music’ probably makes that obvious). Most recently, the soundtrack to the Will Smith version of Aladdin has been playing in our house. We watched it recently and the music got stuck in my son’s head (and now my head too).” —Alexis Patterson

“I’m a book fiend. Reading is a family trait I got from my mom, who got it from her mom, who … you get the picture. My recent favorites include The Alice Network, Little Fires Everywhere and The Silent Patient. I’m also listening to a lot of ‘60s and ‘70s jams.” —Sydney Blalock Ritchie

“I’ve started reading Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power and Consent on Campus by Vanessa Grigoriadis, who visited colleges all over the U.S. to understand the dynamics that lead to sexual assault. So far, I love Grigoriadis’ handling of this complex, sensitive topic—she’s incisive but not insensitive, unbiased but not unaffected.” —Carrie Steingruber

“I’m reading The Whole Brained Child right now (super helpful in parenting toddlers during the pandemic!). I also love to drive around with the windows down listening to classic rock like Fleetwood Mac, Chicago and The Eagles.” —Heather Vance Devers

“I’m reading The Sellout by Paul Beatty. And my ‘workout’ playlist has been playing nonstop, whether I’m working out or not. I need something upbeat in my life right now!” —Emily Yearwood

Editors picks for spring movies and shows

What We’re Watching:

“We just started a new show on Amazon Prime Video called Upload. It was written by the same guy who did The Office, so it’s really funny.” —Heather Vance Devers 

Defending Jacob on Apple TV+. The episodes I’ve seen so far don’t exactly reflect my understanding of how law enforcement and the legal system work, but it’s interesting and has Chris Evans as eye candy.” —Alexis Patterson

“I will be the first to admit that I binged Tiger King and Love is Blind so quickly. They’re terrible, but wonderful—if you’ve seen either one, you know what I mean. My husband and I are also working our way through Mad Men and New Girl (again).” —Sydney Blalock Ritchie

“I’m re-watching Gossip Girl for (probably) the fifth time. It’s easy and nostalgic to watch.” —Emily Yearwood

“Community for the first time, though the other day I watched The Inventor, an HBO documentary about the enigmatic Elizabeth Holmes. (Apparently Jennifer Lawrence will be playing her in a movie—sign me up!)” —Carrie Steingruber

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