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The Blog Squad

the ambassador


Who She Is: A mom who just wanted a little “space” of her own, and set out to create one online. The California- and Lousiana-raised writer might also be considered an ambassador for Dallas. With every word, she aims to show just how cool her adopted city is. She’s mom to Audrey, 6 and Millie, 3. (see above, center image)
What She Write About: The thirty-something mom created her blogs to mount an online inspiration board of sorts, which chronicles her likes, loves and life—first with Simple Lovely, followed by Raising Foodies.
Why We’re Addicted: We can barely wait for Monday mornings to see what the purveyor of Dallas-cool and her family did over the weekend. Always interesting, always inspiring, it makes us ooohh and ahhh (out loud). After reading her foodie blog, we’ll admit we’ve even wanted her to come to our house to make what she and her daughters create.

the maven


Who She Is: Freelancer, mom to Cruz, 5, and Pilar, 2½. She’s also a contributing editor for Texas Monthly magazine, and writes the Style column, Object Lesson. (see bottom photo)
What She Writes About: Every style stop you should make in the great state of Texas—whether it’s Mexican-inspired furnishings from Laredo for your living room, or the hippie-chic leather bags by Dallas-based designer, Nicole Boykin. She’s got a style file to swoon over.
Why We’re Addicted: The Dallas-native makes us envious … really envious. What mom can throw on a grey tee, boyfriend jeans and a fab pair of Alexander Wang heels and be ready for a photo shoot? Kristie can, and she does it with a hip flair (which is how we know we can trust her blog picks). “I’m just naturally nosy,” says the local style-icon. Translation: Kristie loves to be the first to dish on the hottest, newest and latest to her readers. You won’t hear us complaining.

the concierge

Who She Is: Freelance writer, mom to 16-month-old Story, co-owner (with her husband Jeff) of Which Which and Burguesa Burger (see photo at left)
What She Writes About: Everything. As a citizen of the world, if Courtney hasn’t been there, done that, chances are she’s sniffed out someone who has the dirt on what to do and where to be seen.
Why We’re Addicted: Her friends call her the concierge, and judging by the extensive collection of places to go and things to do, see and eat on her blog, its a fitting title. The Dallasite’s blog is solely a reflection of her likes—not necessarily the biggest and best thing to hit the local scene (only to vanish in a year’s time). And even though her picks remain within the realm of her “bohemian, contemporary style, mixed with a bit of glamour and rock ’n’ roll” rest assured, they’re right on the money.

the design geek


Who She Is: Vice President of Design for NEST Interior Design in Dallas, new(ish) mom to 4-month-old Maxton, 4.0 design school student (see top left photo)
What She Writes About: Anything and everything interior design related, and she does it with wit and humor. She blogs like it’s her job (well, it actually is), and culls other blogs’ for their best posts to share with her readers near and far.
Why We’re Addicted: It’s a cheeky (and definitely not stale, stagnant or stodgy) way of looking at design. We love how Beth highlights quirky accessories for the (unorthodox) home, such as a porcelain skull, pillows that say “Let’s Make Out,” and an homage to the mustache (“not just for men,” she touts), seen on vases, napkin rings and even coffee mugs. It’s not your normal interior view … and we love it!

the entrepreneur


Who She Is: A down-to-earth, self-made fashion editor, children’s fashion designer, store owner and mom to two girls, Miette, 6 years old, and Amelie, 3 years old (see top right photo)
What She Writes About: The artsy mom has her eye on kids’ design and sets the tone for living, playing and dreaming in style (and with character). Whether it’s instructions for how to make a robot, a post about an übercool,
tucked-away kids’ store (that only the locals know about) or “small” inspirations, she highlights the best the children’s scene has to offer.
Why We’re Addicted: She makes you wish you could have a redo with your childhood. Seriously. Everyone featured on the blog is an independent, like Christine, who creates unique products and stores that have a soul. In this mass-produced (children’s) world filled, with Doras, “princess” and glitter-glam outfits, there is little individuality left, but Christine is bound to expose it.
the fix-it queen


Who she is: Interior designer turned stay-at-home mom of one, Etta, 9 months, who keeps herself busy remodeling her family’s Fort Worth home
What she writes about: Everyday remodeling adventures (like revamping a once lime-green room into a mellow-mint haven) a la Design on a Dime—Cassity makes home remodeling seem doable even for the busiest mom. Bringing her own professional experience to the table, the stylish mama melds creativity with frugality (and a breath of honesty when something doesn’t quite turn out!).
Why we’re addicted: We want her ideas. And Cassity rounds up other designer contributors from Fort Worth-Dallas to offer tips and advice from their own homes, so her blog has become a sounding board for remodeling reviews and more.
the diet junkie


Who she is: Former Infertile Myrtle, lovable and quirky freelance writer, very proud mom to 3-year-old Cooper
What she writes about: The skinny girl inside her screaming to get out (and her frustrations, struggles and soapbox rants along her personal odyssey). She chronicles her journey in a witty way that reels you in and doesn’t let you go.
Why we’re addicted: Who can’t relate? (Re)Launching her campaign to free the skinny girl inside her, Tessa has resumed her crusade post pregnancy to fight fat and get thin. Through wit (and even a little wisdom), the thinning mom documents her journey to “defluff” in order to reveal her skinnier self. We have to admit … her progress (and her rants) keep us reading.
the green guru


Who she is: The mastermind behind Fort Worth’s eco-friendly retail shop, The Greener Good, and mom to Lucy, 2, and Polly, 7 months
What she writes about: From cloth diapering, to DIY baby food and organic cleaning, it’s clear this earthy mama practices what she preaches. Aiming to share her wealth of knowledge with others seeking a greener path, she blogs about it. “I get to know what people’s needs are and I find a way to be of service,” she says. Whether it’s via her personal advice or tracking down a new product, she’s a class-A do-gooder.
Why we’re addicted: Ever wonder why organic milk has a longer shelf life? Or, wish you could find a way to rid yourself of junk mail? Liz offers practical (and eco-friendly) solutions to mundane problems that leave you feeling like a do-gooder, too.