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Mother putting baby to sleep with wifi baby monitor

The Best Wifi Baby Monitor of 2020

drum roll, please

Parents love Wifi baby monitors because of the depth of information they can get from the simple act of setting up a camera to watch their kids sleep.

Companies are giving parents a plethora of information about what happens when they turn out the lights, and parents are eating it up. In 2019, the baby monitor market was valued at $1.2 billion and growing.

It’s no surprise that several tech companies are getting into the baby monitor business to push out tried-and-true monitor companies, such as Summer Infant and Vtech.

We know that parents don’t want to spend the time—or the money—to compare multiple Wifi baby monitors, so we did that work for you. We compared ease of setup, app reliability, video quality and quality of sleep statistics of the three top WiFi baby monitor brands and came out with a clear winner.

Drum Roll, Please…

Wifi baby monitor Nanit Plus
Courtesy of Nanit

The winner for the best Wifi Monitor of 2020 is the the Nanit Plus. Honestly, it wasn’t really a fair fight.

The Nanit is super easy to set up and connect to Wifi with clear, high-quality 960-pixel HD video (even on night vision) so you can see your little one’s every movement.

Where other cameras had Wifi connectivity issues, the Nanit stayed connected and monitored continuously. The app is intuitive and gives you great insight into your little one’s sleep each morning. It almost feels like you have a night nanny monitoring your baby’s sleep each night and reporting back to you in the morning.

We also loved that we could connect our Nanit with our Amazon Echo Show so that we could ask Alexa to show us our son and we could easily see (and hear) him sleep.

Nanit released its Breathing Wear this summer too, which takes a new approach to monitoring babies breathing motion while sleeping. There are several other monitors out there that require you to put an electronic sensor on, or under, your baby to get readings on their breathing. But Nanit has developed a first-of-its-kind, 100% cotton, custom-designed pattern wrap to be placed under your child’s arms that can be used with the Nanit camera to monitor your baby’s breathing motions, so that parents are alerted if no breathing motion is detected. The Breathing Bands come in two different sizes so you can monitor kids ages 0–24 months.

While Nanit may be on the more expensive end of the Wifi baby monitor spectrum, this is an instance where you truly get what you pay for—and with a baby, peace of mind is priceless.

Nanit Plus Complete Monitoring System with Breathing Wear // $379

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