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The Best Piano Lessons in Dallas and Collin Counties

Mozart was composing by age 5, Beethoven performing publicly by age 7 and Elton John playing piano by age 3. But your little prodigy doesn’t need quite as dramatic a head start to get a standing ovation at his annual recital. We found the best piano classes and lessons that cater to kids and beginners, so you can sit back and enjoy the sweet symphony.

Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts
Where: 3415 Milton Ave., Dallas; 214/363-4980; dallasacademyofmusic.com
The basics: In addition to weekly, private piano lessons of various durations, Dallas Academy of Music and Performing Arts teaches group lessons, preschool programs and music therapy. Kids can perform for family and friends at solo recitals and ensemble recitals and put their skills to the test at the Olympics — Keyboard Olympics, that is.
Bonus: Not quite ready for private lessons? Primary Piano Class introduces music lessons in a fun and lighthearted group setting for kids ages 4−6.
Cost: Enrollment runs on a 32-week academic-year cycle. Primary Piano Class costs $1,025 for the year. Weekly private lessons range from $1,350−$2,000 for an academic year, depending on the lesson length.

Gray School of Music
Where: 11661 Preston Road, Suite 136, Dallas; 214/369-7772; grayschoolofmusic.com
The basics: With theory games, rhythm instruments, workbook lessons and individual keyboard time, Keyboard Kids introduces kids ages 4−7 to piano in a group setting. Private lessons for all ages focus on theory and technique with optional recitals in May and December.
Bonus: With 14 piano teachers holding master’s degrees in music and grand pianos in each studio, this school plays a siren song to all music lovers.
Cost: Students pay a flat monthly or semester rate, regardless of how many weeks fall in that pay period. Keyboard Kids costs $114 per month for weekly 45-minute classes. Weekly private lessons range from $159−$237.50, depending on the length of lessons.

Music Schools International Dallas
Where: 4343 Sigma Road, Dallas; 214/449-6299; msidallas.com
The basics: While this music school offers lessons for kids as young as 2, Pianorama Piano classes for ages 4−12 focuses on piano as a practical instrument. Kids explore listening, singing, playing, reading, listening and writing in a small group setting. These weekly classes are separated by age and run 45 minutes each. Recitals occur each time a class polishes a new piece of music, as well as at an annual showcase. Kids can continue with private lessons after they age out of these classes.
Bonus: Forget memorizing and playing Chopsticks on cue. Baby Beethovens learn music as a language, and will soon be composing melodies, harmonizing and playing by ear.
Cost: Prices for all classes range from $10−$35 per weekly class, paid quarterly.

The Dallas School of Music
Where: 14376 Proton Road, Dallas; 972/380-8050; thedallasschoolofmusic.com
The basics: Future Mozarts as young as 3 years can enroll in piano lessons that incorporate percussion, music reading and lots of movement into each class. Faculty at the Dallas School of Music tailor each child’s experience based on learning preference, music goals and skill level. Take piano lessons at their Dallas campus or online through Google Hangouts.
Bonus: Give Bach — er, back — to the community throughout the year by performing at assisted living homes and children’s hospitals in the Dallas area with fellow Dallas School of Music students.
Cost: Both on-campus and online classes cost $140 per month for weekly 30-minute lessons and $280 per month for weekly hour-long lessons.

Aguilar Music Studio
Where: 2414 W. University, Suite 122-J, McKinney; 972/540-1410; aguilarmusicstudio.com
The basics: For a one-on-one approach to piano, this one-man studio offers theory-based classes for kids as young as 3. The Aguilar Music Studio caters to all skill levels with a special curriculum for all stages. Semiannual recitals allow students to show off their songs in solo and ensemble arrangements.
Bonus: What do you get when you mix a graduate of the University of North Texas music program, an original teaching approach and around 80 students itching to learn more about music? Lots and lots of quirky, original songs, including many entertaining parodies.
Cost: Four weekly half-hour lessons cost $80 per month

Frisco School of Music
Where: 9255 Preston Road, Frisco; 214/436-4058; friscoschoolofmusic.com
The basics: For a hybrid of group and private lessons, Piano for Little Folks and Elementary Piano Lab classes allow kids in Pre-K–fifth grade to learn in a group setting with individualized attention in weekly hour-long classes. Regular performances called “Wow Showcases” allow parents to see their mini pianists in action.
Bonus: Not into Mozart? Enroll your little Billy Joel in Rock School to be partnered up with other musicians and perform in Band Blowouts.
Cost: A yearly membership to the Frisco School of Music will get you the best prices on weekly lessons. Those with a membership pay $23 per week for group lessons and $38−$73 per week for private lessons, depending on the length of each lesson.

Matt Burk Music Studio
Where: 1504 N. Greenville Ave., Suite 100, Allen; 972/207-9353;
1701 Legacy Drive, Suite 150, Frisco; 469/353-6100; wannalearnmusic.com
The basics: Hour-long and 30-minute weekly piano lessons are customized to each student ages 5 and up based on their music goals. Focus on piano alone or in conjunction with songwriting, voice or another instrument. Also, thanks to Wi-Fi and kid-friendly movies in the lobby, you and the rest of your bunch can catch up on emails and Arthur while you wait for Beethoven-in-training.
Bonus: Forget stuffy recitals where kid play teacher-mandated music in their Sunday best. This studio offers Jam Sessions, live gigs and showcases at the House of Blues in Dallas.
Cost: Monthly tuition is $135 for weekly half-hour lessons and $250 for weekly hour-long lessons. A one-time enrollment fee of $50 applies to all students.

Promethean Studios
Where: 4005 Crooked Lane, Plano; 972/422-3362; dallasmusiclessons.com
The basics: Offering private lessons from a multi-instrument musician, Promethean Studios has 30-minute and hour-long beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for kids 6 and up, though kids as young as 4 may be taken on a per-case basis. Hear what the kids have been practicing at two annual recitals where kids perform in solo or ensemble arrangements.
Bonus: If your little rock star would rather play Taylor Swift ballads than Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, search no more. Promethean Studios caters to the kinds of music your kids want to learn.
Cost: Students pay $125 per month for four 30-minute private lessons or $250 per month for four hour-long private lessons.

Published September 2015