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Picture of kid with pants down during funny parenting moment

The Best #MomTruths We Heard in May

from white lies to mommy meltdowns

“If our toddler is having a hard time, we calmly state, ‘It looks like you need a moment.’ The other day I was feeling frustrated, and he bent down, looked at me and said, ‘Mom, it looks like you need a moment.’ He wasn’t wrong!”Emily, McKinney

 “When we visit family in Australia, my mother-in-law always has a supply of Magnum ice cream bars for our son. We tell him that Australia is the only place where these are made. For now, he believes it.” Erin, Dallas

 “We recently got my 5-year-old’s test scores back, which were higher than we expected. He noticed the attention he was getting from being ‘super smart’ and told me, ‘I’m smart enough to know that you’re not wearing a bra.’” Jennifer, Burleson

 “At karate class, I didn’t notice my son’s pants didn’t fit right until, with every kick, his pants fell down completely.” Maria, Haslet

“When my baby started trying to speak, my heart was full when he kept saying ‘Mama’ over and over. I was so proud until I realized he wasn’t calling his mommy when he said ‘Mama’—he was trying to call our dog, Marsha.” Juliana, Dallas

“After a long day of battling with my toddler, I started to cry. I was frustrated, tired and sad with how quarantine was affecting my family. My toddler came over, put his hand on my face and told me I was his best friend.” Lauren, Fort Worth

Illustration courtesy of Mary Dunn.