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The Best Handheld Baby Monitor of 2020

this monitor is a serious jump in technology

When you think about a baby monitor, you probably think about a handheld baby monitor with the parent unit screen that you can keep plugged in next to your bedside table. What you might not realize is that not all handheld baby monitors are created equal.

There are all sorts of new bells and whistles on today’s handheld monitors like large parent screens (some are as big as 7 inches), two-way talk between the units, remote pan and tilt on the camera, zoom, and room temperature monitoring.

But do you really need all of these features? In some situations, yes—the ability to remotely move the camera from the monitor is a great feature with older kids, and the lullabies are handy if your little one just needs a nudge falling back to sleep.

But we found through testing that, typically, the biggest difference when comparing units is the range of distance that you can have between the camera and the monitor, and the clearness of the picture in night vision mode.

If those two features aren’t strong, or you’ve got great range and the night vision is bad (or vice versa), then the rest of the bells and whistles don’t really matter.

We compared several top brands and put them through a series of tests to confirm that the monitors and cameras did as promised. So, without further ado, here is the best handheld baby monitor of 2020….

Babysense baby monitor
Courtesy of Babysense

The Babysense V65 Baby Monitor is an absolute jump in technology when it comes to handheld baby monitors. When we got it connected (which was a breeze) we could not believe the sharp video quality both in daylight and night mode.

Compared to a 2-year-old handheld model, it was like jumping from a 1950s TV monitor to a modern HD display. The camera has a range of 960 feet where many monitors only reach between 700–800 feet. (Some claim to reach 1,000 feet, but we did not like the quality of the night vision.)

The monitor screen is 5 inches, and has a good battery life so that you don’t feel constantly tied to the charging cord. For setting up the camera, we like that you can place the camera nearly anywhere from a counter to the ceiling, and the ability to move the camera from the handheld monitor is a plus. You can add up to three cameras to your system, making this camera and monitor awesome for parents with multiple children.

A major bonus for this camera is that you can add the Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor to the system for extra peace of mind for parents. The breathing monitor is an under-the-mattress monitor with two sensor pads that help ensure that the whole mattress is covered (reducing false alarms).

The breathing monitor does what the name states: it monitors your babies micro-movements to alert you if your baby’s breathing movements stop or slow down. For new parents terrified of SIDS, this information is invaluable.

If there were any negatives to this monitor, it would be that we wish that the buttons on the handheld monitor were a little bit more intuitive, but with so many pluses this was the clear winner for 2020.

Babysense V65 Baby Monitor, $139.99
Babysense & Breathing Monitor, $129.99

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