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The Art of Sourcing

Finding a plumber or a restaurant that delivers is one thing, but when it comes to needing a black book with local contacts culled just for parents, that’s where search engines and ancient phone books may not be so user-friendly. Disconnected numbers, dead links, message threads that distract you from your initial search—by the time you’ve finished, you’re probably mentally exhausted from the whole exercise.

How do I know? Researching is just an iota of what it took to create the directory you now hold in your hands. That and more than two decades (yes, we’ve been around for that long!) worth of expertise gathering resources for parents, compiled with hours of double-checking, cross-referencing and categorizing to create a phone tome that will take you to the exact sources you’re looking for (in a book that won’t give you wrist fatigue). It is, after all, how DallasChild got its start.

Though we’ve evolved into a lifestyle pub for parents, we certainly haven’t forgotten that many of you still look for those ever-so-useful numbers time and time again. So we’ve carefully updated it to make sure you get the latest contact information possible. In short, we’ve got those karate lessons, ballet classes, museums, etiquette classes, mother’s day out programs (just to name a few) fully covered.

However, if you really do prefer to get your info via the Internet, we understand. Visit dfweverythingfamily.com for our complete listings online and other helpful resources (sans having to navigate through a labyrinth of information).

And the source providing doesn’t stop there. As usual, we’ve got this month’s must-see exhibits, special events, stage performances, festivals and other cool to-dos listed in our comprehensive calendar—check it out between looking through golf lesson providers and possible tutors or schools for your tykes.

Speaking of tutors, our beloved Rudy Klancnik reveals how he grew up under the careful tutelage of … television? Not quite what you were expecting, I know, but read his take on kid TV on our back page. Whether you’re a proponent of the tube or not, his comparison on today’s kid shows vs. the ones he grew up watching is pretty perceptive. Admittedly, I had more than my fair share of Gilligan’s Island and Looney Toons growing up, so perhaps I relate a little too well.