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Texas Moms on Reality TV

What has 20 kids, six moms and a whole lot of drama? The new WE television reality series, Texas Multi Mamas. Filmed in the Dallas area, the show follows moms-of-multiples (twins, triplets and quadruplets) Candace (Dallas), Casey (Murphy), Suz (Mansfield), Tonia (Plano), Teryn (McKinney), and Stephanie (Odessa) as they supervise their small armies and get themselves into and out of the trenches of treachery. The dramatics are multiplied during the play dates and occasional girls’ night out as the moms dish on their marriages, tummy tucks and each other. Candace, mom of triplets, looks at the reality show as an opportunity: “If I could share any insight from my personal experience that might help other mothers, then it was worth it to put my family and story on television for others to see.” Stay tuned!

Texas Multi Mamas
Tuesdays at 7pm
on WE