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Teaching Financial Independence

A website that teaches money skills in an accessible and fun way

Paying bills, budgeting, making investments— they’re real-world skills that are essential to being a financially healthy adult. But many kids grow into adults without a clue about any of it, and many young adults with special needs are unable to get that real-world experience through a traditional job. BusyKid prepares them for independence by putting them to work (doing chores for you, of course) and teaching money skills in an accessible and fun way.

The interactive, digital interface, which works on all mobile devices, features a chore chart and allowance platform through which kids can spend, save, invest and donate their hard-earned dollars, all under your watchful eye as they learn. Think of it as their first job with direct deposit. And at $14.95 a year per family, it’s a financially sound decision for you, too.

BusyKid, $14.95 per year; busykid.com