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Andy Bope

Andy Bope lives in Frisco with daughter Sydney, 6, son Tyson, 3, husband Chad, who works for Perot Systems (and travels Monday-Friday) and last, but not least, Lucy, her 2-year-old Harlequin Great Dane.

Tracey Rauen

Tracey Rauen lives in Coppell with her husband, James, and sons, Jake, 6, Will and Sam, who are both 3.

Sarah Larkin

Larkin lives in Frisco with her two children and husband, Jim, a financial advisor for Ameriprise. She is an account executive for Collective Media.

Tiffany Cuban

Tiffany Cuban talks exclusively to DallasChild about raising two young daughters in their father’s very large shadow.

Davina Rhine

Davina Rhine, 30, lives in East Dallas with her family: Jason Leon, 27, a carpenter for Comunilux Productions and punk-rock…

Marlowe Bechmann

The 40-year-old Southlake mother of two is one half of The Swingset Mamas, an award-winning duo whose DVD Swing, Dance and Sing has won raves from a variety of media outlets.

Kendall Bilbow

Kendall Bilbow’s family is not an ordinary one, but rather an extraordinary one. Following a complication-free pregnancy, the Arlington mom…

Dr. Emily Emmet

For Dr. Emily Emmet, an OB/GYN with Harris Methodist HEB Hospital, every day is like mother’s day. “I am there…

Kathy Loewen

Not many schoolteachers can say they’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kathy Loewen can. In February, this petite, Black Belt, uber-active mom…

Erin Kelly-Dilda

Though she was born in Indiana, Erin Kelly-Dilda has been a Fort Worth-girl ever since moving here at the tender…

Cathleen Thatcher

“Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world,” muses horsewoman…

Amy Williamson

It’s rare to see large families these days, but Amy Williamson is a down-to-earth mother of four. She has always…

Cindy Pierce

Cindy Pierce is the mom of one son, Connor, 6, who is in his first year at St. Mark’s School…