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Before Baby To-Do List

All the prep work involved in welcoming your new bundle is enough to make anyone’s head spin — with or without pregnancy brain. So after you’ve prepared the nursery and been showered with gifts from your registry, check these final basic baby to-dos off your list.

Massage for Two

Pregnancy takes a toll on the entire body. It does a number on your posture, compresses your lower back, weakens…

Catherine Harrell

After years of responding to midnight pager alerts as a medical resident, Fort Worth dermatologist Dr. Catherine Harrell, now welcomes waking to the sound of her crying baby Samuel, who arrived in December of last year

Why Three Mothers Placed Their Babies For Adoption

Women with unplanned pregnancies face difficult decisions as they contemplate their abilities to parent as well as their educational prospects, financial situations and personal aspirations. Often, adoption is a logical, albeit heartbreaking, solutio

Mom-To-Be Brittany Edwards Cobb Talks Second Pregnancy

Brittany Edwards Cobb has a ton on her to-do list. Write for The Dallas Morning News, edit DailyCandy Dallas, find fabulous vendors for the Dallas Flea, chase 18-month-old daughter Landry, push through pregnancy-induced nausea and tell us how she and husband Michael are savoring the aftershock of cocktails in the Caribbean.