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Spying on Your Kids

Monitoring children has been a hotly contested topic in recent years with the introduction of apps and software that let parents keep tabs on, well, everything their child does. Some classify this as parenting; others (like myself) look at it as an invasion of privacy that might actually do more harm than good.

Error of Entitlement

Jim Fay, co-author of From Innocence to Entitlement: A Love and Logic Cure for the Tragedy of Entitlement, observes that entitlement is a growing epidemic in our culture.

Blocking Out The Bottle

According to a poll of DallasChild readers, the majority of parents do occasionally consume alcohol around their kids, and most are honest with their children regarding the contents of their glasses.

Home Alone(!)

Back-to-school takes on a whole new meaning for me this year. Staring down a daily schedule of 1, 2 and…

Call Me (Just Not Right Now)

Before you dial, ask yourself: Who are you calling? If the answer is a mother, then what time are you calling? Is it naptime, dinnertime or bedtime (or, worse, whine time)?

Give Me a (Spring) Break

Unlike my carefree college days when spring break meant buying a new bikini and piling into a hotel room with six girlfriends, this seasonal tradition now revolves around spill-proof pants, DVD players and Dramamine.

Almost 13

The following are a list of goals my son set for himself not long ago: 1)      Get Star Wars movies…