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27 Laws Every Texan Parent Should Know

Texas harbors a host of laws that affect you as a parent. Some may enhance your parental rights, while others could land you in jail or create other civil or criminal liabilities if not obeyed.

In Youth Sports, Yelling Doesn’t Help Your Kid

Most parents and coaches want the best for their kids by being supportive, interactive role models, helping children have fun while reaping the benefits of playing sports. And that’s what children want out of sports too. But sometimes, adults get carried away with the excitement of a big moment.

Extra Care

Come January of each year, Fort Worth mom Angela Darby starts to stress about where she will send her 14-year-old son, Jordon,…

Art For All

Nine-year-old Pablo Mosquera Garcia didn’t get much out of going to art museums. Cultural venues like art museums and theaters…

The Invisible Ones

Despite a thriving local economy, the number of homeless families and children in North Texas continues to rise. And they’re not all panhandling—they’re at work, at school and on the playground, going unnoticed and, sometimes, unhelped.

Supplying Kids In Need

Not every family can afford to buy school supplies, but you can help. Volunteer as a family to load backpacks, donate food, even treat kids to extra-curricular activities.