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Susie Robb with her two kids

Susie Robb’s Home Decor Favorites

check out this home design pro’s picks for making your space calm and happy

Our Mom Next Door Susie Robb shares easy ways to create a happy space for your family.

1.Throw Pillows  

Throw pillows from Susie Robb

The easiest and most costeffective way to refresh your space is switching out your throw pillows. Pillows add color and texture and can instantly change the look of your room. Consider using pillow covers for easy storage, and switch them out seasonally. 

2. Candles and Family Photos 

“Lift your spirit with a great-smelling candle. You can choose seasonal or timeless scents, and the basins for your candles can add to your decor scheme.”
“Display photos of your family and friends around your home. Frame those pictures you never got printed off your phone or have a large canvas created from a family vacation!” 

3. Vintage Pieces and Antiques 

Vintage pieces from Susie Robb

Sentimental pieces and items from the past add so much depth to your home. These become conversation starters and make your spaces truly unique. I love incorporating family heirlooms or a salvaged piece that has a story.”

4. Florals 

Susie Robb's florals from shop

“Real or fake flowers can add such a boost to your space. 

5. Baskets 

Baskets from Susie Robb's shop

Baskets are so versatile! They look great in your space because they add a bit of texture and hide all the clutter by providing extra storage. 

All pieces pictured here can be found at shopfromsusie.com

Photos courtesy of Cortney Dani Photography.