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schequila lemons with her daughter zyzy

Superhero Mom We Love: Schequila Lemons

meet the Mesquite mom to four, account coordinator and church youth director

Schequila Lemons’ superpowers of strength and joy have been put to the test over the last few years. In 2018, when her young daughter A’Zyriah, nicknamed ZyZy, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Lemons’ life was turned upside down. Suddenly, on top of navigating life as a single parent to four—a delicate balance as it is—she had cancer treatments and an overwhelming concern for her daughter to contend with.

Through it all, she says she discovered how tough she really is. Apparently, super strength is genetic—because last November, after a long cancer battle and a life-saving stem cell transplant from her little brother, A’Zyriah, now 7, was finally discharged. Wearing boxing gloves and sparkly boots, she shuffled through the halls of Children’s Health to the Rocky theme song, looking every bit the fighter that she is.

The fight finally won, 35-year-old Lemons is getting back to business as usual, working as a bank account coordinator and serving as her church youth director. She lives in Mesquite with A’Zyriah, Tommyiah, 12, Ayden, 6, and J Boogie, 1.

DFWChild: What’s your superpower as a mom? 
Schequila Lemons: Super joy and strength.

C: In your eyes, who’s a superhero mom?
SL: My mother is a superhero. She protects and guides me in whatever I do. She shows me patience and affectionate understanding. She’s also a registered nurse and has compassion, not just for me, but for everyone. She’s the truth. She gave me the power to endure what I went through with ZyZy.

C: What’s the best advice you’ve been given from a fellow mom?
SL: The best advice I was given by a fellow mom was to trust in God and know that this battle is already won. In the end, you’ll always win.

C: What’s the most daring thing you’ve done as a parent?
SL: When ZyZy was first diagnosed, I stayed right by her side. I dared myself to stay there and not leave. Standing by your children when they’re sick or in need is what parents do. Some may say it took great courage for me to stay, but I feel that’s mandated when you’re all someone has. 

C: Is there a motto or golden rule you live by?
SL: Love no matter what, because love is why we’re here today. 

C: If you had to choose five words to describe yourself, what would they be?
SL: Strong, determined, undefeatable, joyful and loyal. 

C: What are the most important lessons you’re teaching your kids?
SL: I’m teaching my kids that we should stand by each other in love and kindness. Never give up, have faith and remember that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

C: Do you have a strategy for juggling it all?
SL: I really don’t have a strategy. All I know is that it must be done. I go to work, come home, spend time with my kiddos, and if ZyZy is in the hospital, I go to be with her and start over the next day. I stay calm and take it one second at a time.

C: How have you evolved as a person since becoming a mother?
SL: When I became a mother at 22, I was unsure on what to do. But love for my children molded me into who I am now. I’ve learned to have my kids’ backs no matter what and to show unconditional love.

C: It seems almost all moms struggle with mom guilt. How do you deal with yours?
SL: I surround myself with my supportive friends and family. I pray and shake off the remaining guilt.

C: How would you describe your parenting style?
SL: My parenting style is warm and approachable, which helps my children achieve higher academic accomplishments and allows them to be social butterflies. I’m supportive [and] encouraging, and I value their freedom in themselves. 

C: How do you make sure each of your kids gets what they need from you?
SL: By allowing each child a separate day of fun. They get to choose what they want to do, and we come back with gifts for the others to show that we didn’t forget about them. I also give them love, love, love and more love every day, all the time.

C: What would be people be surprised to learn about you?
SL: I can sing. I’m creative and have a gift for decorating. I’m a cry baby. 

C: What’s the most significant life lesson you’ve learned thus far?
SL: Along this life’s journey, I’ve learned that going through hard times only makes you stronger—and things only happen to show you how tough you really are. 

C: What’s have you learned about yourself recently?
SL: I’m really tough and motivated.

C: Who or what keeps you grounded?
SL: The Lord Jesus.

C: What do you want your legacy to be?
SL: I want my legacy to be the strength and dedication that I put forth or sow into others. I want my legacy to show that I cared about my children, myself and others.

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Image courtesy of Schequila Lemons.