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Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish

Superhero Mom We Love: Alex Snodgrass

the Defined Dish author and blogger dishes on mom guilt, the best advice from a fellow mom and how she stays grounded

First-time author Alex Snodgrass took the country by storm in 2019 with her New York Times best-selling cookbook, The Defined Dish (and her latest cookbook The Comfortable Kitchen, on bookshelves Dec. 28, 2021!). The 33-year-old superhero mom talks to us about the supermom in her life, how she deals with her own mom guilt and the best lesson she’s learned so far. Alex lives in Dallas with daughters Sutton, 8, and Winnie, 5, and husband Clayton.

DFWChild: In your eyes, who’s a superhero mom to you?
Alex Snodgrass: My own Mom!

C: What makes her a supermom?
AS: She [has] always worked so hard at her job ([and]still does), and manages to be there to support me when I need her.

C: What’s the best advice that you’ve been given from a fellow mom in your life?
AS: To not sign up for all the after-school activities that you feel pressured to do with really young kids. It’s so exhausting on the entire family. You’re going to be running from one school function [or] sporting event to another as they get older, so you might as well enjoy more free time while you can.

C: Do you have a strategy for juggling work and life? If so, please share with us.
AS: My strategy is to just take care of myself. I am someone that tends to take care of everyone else but myself … and as mom’s I think most of us tend to do this. But when I put myself and my needs first, I find that I am a much better mom, wife, friend, etc. You can’t give yourself to others when you are running on empty.

C: From the moment you became a mother until now—how have you evolved?
AS: From the moment I gave birth to Sutton, something in me changed. I started off as a new mother being super fearful and overprotective. I’ve evolved to really let that guard down and allow my kids to grow on their own, with my support alongside them.

C: It seems that every mother has a little (or a lot of) mom guilt. How do you deal with yours?
AS: Mom Guilt is real and it ebbs and flows for me. I try to stop the comparison game and focus on what works best for me and my family. When comparing myself with other mom’s, I remind myself that other moms are better at different aspects of motherhood than me; however, we are all just doing our best to support our kiddos and the #1 most important thing? That we smother them with so much love.

C: What’s the best lesson you’ve learned along your life’s journey thus far?
AS: Stop worrying so much about what other people think.

C: What or who keeps you grounded?
AS: My family and my husband. I tend to overthink things, and he is really good about talking to me and calming me down and bringing me back down to reality.

This article was originally published in May 2021.

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Image courtesy of Alex Snodgrass

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