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Stretch Your Mind

Do your children ever ask why a balloon deflates over time or what an eyeball looks like from the inside?

For all of those scientific inquiries from your curious little ones (and the questions they may not have thought of yet), answers can be found just down the road. Frisco’s Sci-Tech Discovery Center opened last October and has since had over 40,000 visitors from all over the North Texas community and beyond. Did we mention that it’s not only fun, but also educational? The center’s mission is to have a child-/student-led experience and to offer “mind-stretching fun.”

From cartoon animation to mathematical concepts, the exhibits always keep the children happily engaged and entertained. Playing with Time, the current exhibit that runs through December 31, is all about time travel. Children are given the opportunity to investigate events that happen too quickly—or too gradually—to be seen with the human eye. Much of the amusement and discovery is elevated with tools such as high-speed photography or time-lapse videos of popcorn as it pops (and in reverse!).

Although the museum changes its exhibits every so often, the permanent pieces are able to maintain their popularity and playtime with the kids, too. For the ultimate sensory experience, take a stroll through the Noodle Forest, an area with long, hanging foam tubes, and go on a scavenger hunt through the noodle maze. Have a need for speed? Build your own LEGO mobile and test its velocity on the LEGO Test Track. Children can learn about aerodynamics and simple machinery with the Parachute Pulley, where they can race with others to see whose parachute will land first.
Looking for that wow factor? The Wow Lab offers different weekly-themed activities that stimulate the mind. There are also a variety of interactive shows including eyeball dissections, Soda Science Shows and story times. Many times children take what they learn and are able to apply it to their daily life. Sci-Tech also offers birthday parties (happy birthday, mini-Einstein!), camps and field trip opportunities.

With all of the activities and enrichment the museum has to offer, it’s not surprising that children often don’t even realize they are learning because of how much fun they are having. Head on over to Sci-Tech Discovery Center—after all, it’s good for the noggin!